Superintendent's Message 

I am extremely proud and excited to be the Superintendent of Henry County Public Schools. Specifically, I look forward to being part of the high-quality instruction and learning that takes place in all Henry County school classrooms each day. I am honored at the opportunity I have been given by the School Board and I take very seriously my commitment of further enhancing the educational programs and opportunities for all Henry County students.

Over the next few months, I will use an entry plan as my guide to transition to my role as Superintendent. This plan will be based on solid two-way communication between myself and all key stakeholders of Henry County Public Schools. I am excited to meet students, parents, staff, members of the community, and anyone who has an interest in our schools. As I listen to the school system's stakeholders, I will learn much about the school community and its organization. This communication will assist me greatly in my leadership of Henry County Public Schools and help the school system to carry out its vision -- Henry County Public Schools where critical thinking is expected, creativity is nurtured, technology and innovation are embraced, and learning is celebrated.


Dr. Cotton's Entry Plan  


Contact Dr. Cotton:

Telephone: (276) 634-4711