iPad Initiative


Henry County Public Schools

iPad Initiative

Technology is ubiquitous; technology is everywhere in Henry County Public Schools. Not long ago when we spoke of technology in the school context, we were generally speaking about a computer lab visited by classes throughout the week for special projects.  This is no longer the case.  Today, technology is an integral part of the instructional fabric of our schools. 

Henry County Public Schools embraces the use of cutting-edge technology as a catalyst for teaching and learning.  We are pleased to be counted among the technology trend-setting school divisions across the state of Virginia and arguably the nation.

Our 1:1 iPad initiative is a privilege for all students in grades three through eight. This initiative impacts our students by,

-  providing a mobile digital device to maximize opportunities for personalized learning.

-  complementing the use of interactive whiteboards, digital resources, and other digital technologies (including digital textbooks)

-  providing an effective two-way communication and collaboration between teachers and students as well as students and students, both in the classroom and beyond.

-  providing digital access and learning opportunities regardless of socioeconomic status.