Pete's Pond....an environmental adventure in writing

     Pete's Pond.....an environmental adventure.
    Welcome to the Lair of the Mad Scientist !
    I am excited to be a part of the Fieldale Collinsville Middle School family - the Guardians of the Galaxy Team.
    I am teaching 7th grade science and social studies.
    We will explore the wonders of the cell, biomes, genetics and much more using a hands-on approach and later travel through history to learn about civics and economics. .
    I am incorporating a year long assignment in science: Pete's Pond. Students will adopt an animal and complete research as requested. They will also use their IPads/phones/computers to watch the live feed making 3 journal entries of 7 lines each on the activity at the pond. This is an incorporation of research, writing, and observation skills that compliments our study of biomes, predation, symbiotic relationships and conservation. The three journal entries will count as one weekly grade. The journal entries will be written in their notebooks.  Students may watch the pond as the bell ringer activity in class so lack of internet is not accepted as an excuse for not having the assignment. 
    Social studies has changed this year to civics and economics. This semester will be jam packed - fast paced as we have a large amount of material to cover before the SOL at semester end. There will be homework. Late work is NOT accepted. Please do not get behind in your assignments. 
    I use a combination of teaching methods in both science and history. These include vocabulary study, reading assignments, singing/music, readers theater, writing prompts, hands-on-labs, projects,  comics and graphic novels, presentations and much, much more. My goal is to immerse your student in science and history.   
    I look forward to meeting students and their families.  
    Mrs. S Landreth 
    National Board Certified Teacher EA-Science renewed 2020 
    Our Daily Schedule........
    1st Core.......8:30 - 10:00
    2nd Core.....10:04 - 11:34
    3rd  Core .....11:38 - 1:35
    lunch  ....12:03 pm - 12:38
    First Exploratory.....1:42 to 2:27
    2nd Exploratory.....2:31 to 3:16
    Locker and restroom breaks will be scheduled.
    Students will be using the CAV discipline policy shared on the school website. 
    My classroom discipline policy..................( which will merge with the CAV policy)........
    1st....."the look" or a verbal warning, conversation with student
    2nd....verbal warning, team meeting and/or a parent call (  may be during the actual class)
    3rd....parent call or parent conference with team
    4th ......team conference/office/removal
    Severe clause.....Immediate removal to office for insubordination, fighting, any disruptive physical /verbal/other behavior deemed disruptive by teacher.
    Students are held to a high level of appropriate behavior due to the nature of a science class where hands-on activities are  experienced. Because students will be handling chemicals and lab equipment, absolutely no rough-housing or refusal to follow teacher directions will be tolerated. This is to promote and maintain safety in the science classroom.  Our chosen behavior is seen by all so there is no premise of privacy. 
    100-90 = A
    80-89 = B
    70-79 = C
    60-69 = D
    59 and below....F
    Assignments are "weighted" by assignment of multiple grades for projects, labs/experiments and some tests. Students will know exactly how many times a grade will count when the assignment is made. I do not use percentages to reference grades. Example: A three day lab will be recorded as Lab _____ 1, Lab ______ 2,             Lab ____ 3. Same for project : Project ______ 1, Project ______2, Project _____ 3. 
    I expect students to come to class with book, Ipads ( charged and ready), notebooks, pencils and any assignments that are due. Assignments do have a stated due date. Late work is not accepted.  I do not give extra credit. I expect students to turn in work which is legible and has first and last names plus class period stated. Printing is acceptable. Colored pens are not acceptable for class work. I will not grade papers written in neon or missing the name. 
    Your student needs a separate notebook for science and social studies.  I prefer a 70 page wire-bound notebook. They also need pencils, colored pencils, and erasers.
    Supplies that would be greatly appreciated........ paper towels, hand sanitizer, kleenex, quart and gallon ziplock bags and latex gloves ( size medium, large or extra large for experiments), clear 20 ounce cups, clear vinegar, clear corn syrup.
    Students are expected to write their assignments in their planner daily.  
    Students are expected to:
    Follow all school and classroom rules. Complete all work, including homework.
    Come to class prepared with necessary supplies and a positive attitude.
    Respect everyone.
    Cooperate with teachers and peers.  
     Life Science will be taught second semester.
     Life Science Syllabus
    1st 4.5 weeks Scientific Method, Lab Safety, Laboratory Equipment, Cells, Genetics, Heredity.  (Cornerstone)
    2nd 4.5 weeks  Cells, Genetics, Heredity, Classification and Organization of systems, Natural Selection
    3rd 4.5 weeks  Relationships in Ecosystems, Photosynthesis
    4th 4.5 weeks Conservation of Resources , Ecosystems and Biomes, Populations, Communities  (Cornerstone)
    Please note.......Students whose behavior is disruptive ( by my definition), who refuse to follow teacher instructions or who are failing science will be given an alternative assignment in place of the hands-on lab.  Horseplay and gum are not allowed in  my science classroom - no exceptions.  Refusal to complete the alternative lab assignment will result in a grade based on both the quality and the completeness of the alternative.  
    Social Studies Economics and Civics will be taught first semester. 

    Standards for Civics and Economics examine the roles citizens play in the political, governmental, and economic systems in the United States. Students in grade 8 will examine the constitutions of Virginia and the United States, will identify the rights, duties, and responsibilities of citizens, and will describe the structure and operation of government at the local, state, and national levels. Students will investigate the process by which decisions are made in the American market economy and explain the government’s role in it.

    Civic education also emphasizes the intellectual and practical skills required for responsible citizenship. Students will practice these skills both inside and outside the classroom through a service learning project as they extend their understanding of the essential knowledge defined by the standards for Civics and Economics.

     We will hve an SOL test in Civics and Economices at the end of the first semester. There will be reviews with each unit and a test. 


    • SOL CE 11 a-c, Economic Concepts, Different Economic Systems and Characteristics of the US Economy,
    • SOL CE 12 a-d, Structure and Operation of the US Economy (types of businesses, circular flow, financial institutions and interaction with the global economy)
    • SOL CE 13 a-f, Role of Government in the US Economy
    • SOL CE 14 a-f, Personal Economics and Financial Literacy


    • SOL CE 3 a-e, Citizenship Rights, Duties and Responsibilities -

    (including SOL CE 4 a-g, Practicing personal character traits of good citizenship.)

    • SOL CE 2 a-d, Foundation Principles and Early Documents
    • SOL CE 5 a-g, Political Parties and the Election Process (3 weeks)
    • SOL CE 6 a-d, Federal Government Legislative and Executive Branches
    • SOL CE 7 a-d, Virginia Government Legislative and Executive Branches
    • SOL CE 8 a-c, Local Government
    • SOL CE 9 a-c, Individuals, Interest Groups and Media Impact on Public Policy
    • SOL CE 10 a-d, The Judicial Branches and the Judicial Process.


    You may contact me during my planning period which is the 1st and 2nd Explorer periods 1:30 to 2:00 pm. 
    I look forward to meeting you at Open House.
    Mrs. L....the Mad Scientist 
    Please make sure your student keeps all their papers in their notebooks. This notebook will prove invaluable to them both this year and in the future. It will be used to prepare for the end of year science and social studies assessments.  A flash/thumb drive is extremely helpful.  Student notebooks can be used to review for the 8th grade Science SOL. 
    Have a great day.  
    Happy Back to School!!!!!!
     It is a new school  year and a new topic. We are into our US History semester. Students will find assignments posted on Edmodo.  Science will be taught second semester.
     Students are reminded that the Pete's Pond journal writing assignment is due weekly and is a year long assignment. Please refer to the handout you were given at the beginning of school. Students must have 3 separate "viewings" on 3 different days and each viewing must be a minimum 7 sentence paragraph. This counts as one weekly grade. This assignment is aimed at improving student writing and reading as well as the science SOL's on biomes, symbiotic relationships, and populations. This assignment will continue weekly through both science and history. 
     Please remember some classroom basics.....
    Come to class prepared with notebook, pencil and any assignments.
    No gum allowed.
    Late work is not accepted. 
    You will have  class assignments and homework....posted on Edmodo. The expectation is that any work not completed in class is to be finished as homework. Students and parents will have access to the Edmodo codes once we have ipad access. All classroom assignments will be posted on Edmodo. 
    Phones are not allowed in class .