8th Grade Science Graphic
    Mr. Hall
    8th Grade Physical Science
    Science Department Chair
    Jr. Beta Club Coordinator
    FCMS Phone: 276-647-3841

    Bell-Ringers: To see the bell-ringers on your iPad, click HERE and open in Google Slides.
    Agenda for the Week Of: 4/23/19 - 4/26/19
    SOL/Topic Covered: 6th Grade SOL Review
    Monday: NO SCHOOL - Easter Monday.
    Tuesday: Review SOL 6.8. 6.8 quizzes. Kahoot. 
    Wednesday: 6th Grade Review TEST.
    Thursday: Begin 7th grade study guide / 7th grade review.
    Friday: Possible Benchmark Test (ungraded, used for data and SOL preparation).
    Pacing Guide 

    1st 9 Weeks

    2nd 9 Weeks

    3rd 9 Weeks

    4th 9 Weeks

    PS.1: Scientific Investigation & Measurement

    PS.10 a,b,d: Force & Motion

    PS.10 c,d: Work & Simple Machines

    1st Benchmark Test

    PS.6: Energy

    PS.7: Heat/Thermal Energy

    PS.11: Electricity & Magnetism

    PS.8: Sound Waves

    PS.9: Light Waves

    2nd Benchmark Test

    PS.2: Matter

    PS.3: Atomic Structure

    PS.4: Periodic Table

    PS.5: Changes in Matter

    3rd Benchmark Test

    6th Grade Review

    7th Grade Review

    8th Grade Review

    SOL Test

    In addition to SOL review in the last 9 weeks, we will continuously review 6th and 7th grade material throughout the year.

    Materials Needed:
    *These are the same as the materials mentioned in the supplies list e-mailed out over the summer*
    1 5-Subject Notebook (this will become the SOL review notebook)
    Pencils or Pens (blue or black preferred)
    At least 2 different-colored highlighters (preferably yellow and blue, but other colors are fine)
    Colored pencils
    A charged iPad every day!

    Tests & Projects: 25%
    Quizzes: 25%
    Classwork/Homework: 25%
    Notebook & Participation: 25%
    Late Policy: 
    Each day an assignment is late, your final grade is dropped by 10 points. No late assignments will be accepted after 5 days unless special arrangements are made with Mr. Hall in advance.
    Retake Policy:
    If a student wishes to retake a quiz or test on which he or she received a bad grade, the student may retake the assignment one time. It is the student's responsibility to request the retake and schedule a time to retake it with Mr. Hall. Students may not retake an open-notes quiz, because students are permitted to use notes on open-notes quizzes.
    If you are absent from class, it is YOUR responsibility to make up any missed work.
    Honor Policy:
    All students are expected to do their own best work on all assignments. Any student caught cheating on an assignment will receive an automatic grade of "0" on the assignment and appropriate disciplinary action.

    1st Exploratory:                      8:30 - 9:15
    2nd Exploratory:                     9:20 - 10:05
    3rd Core:                               10:10 - 11:15
    4th Core:                               11:20 - 12:25
    5th Core:                               12:30 - 2:05
    Lunch                               1:00 - 1:25
    6th Core:                                2:10 - 3:15

    Instructional Resources: