Math Enrichment   
    Mrs. Angela Beckett
    Fieldale-Collinsville Middle School Phone: 276-647-3841
    E-mail: abeckett@henry.k12.va.us
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    Math Enrichment is designed to assist students in the math concepts they are currently learning in their core math class and/or math concepts they have learned in a previous year.  This class will be hands-on learning through projects, activities, and station work.  


    Math 8 Enrichment- 8:30-9:15
    Math 8 Enrichment-  9:20-10:05
    Planning- 10:08-11:15
    Math 6 Enrichment- 11:20-12:05
    Math 6 Enrichment- 12:10-12:55
    Math 7 Enrichment- 1:40-2:25
    Math 7Enrichment- 2:30-3:15