• Hello, parents and students! This is it! Senior year!


    Welcome to what is going to be your best year of high school! Senior year is a time full of ups, downs, ins, outs - but in the end, all of it is worth it, and I'm SO excited to be aboard here at Magna Vista for what I'm sure will be to be a terrific year!


    My name is Mr. Wilkins and I teach with the passion to create warriors in and out of the classroom, and I look forward to being your educational advocate this year. If you're looking for more info on me, check my 'About Me' page! Before we get our year started, here's what I need from you:



    1. Looseleaf paper

    2. One-inch binder

    3. PENS - black and blue for submitted work. For your notes, do what works for you.


    Super easy! We're not trying to break the bank. Most of the time, students will be provided with what they need in class, including their textbook. A link to the Standards of Learning, which guides the content that we learn, can be found here.


    I'm so excited for this year and I hope I can be a helping hand to both students and parents in what I know is a difficult and intimidating time. I have been a senior and I have a sister who is one - this isn't easy. But this year is so rewarding, and you're going to have a blast!


    If you need me, you can contact me anytime at jacob.wilkins@henry.k12.va.us. I strive to respond to all parent & student emails within 24 hrs. Here is my schedule!




    Fall Semester:                             Spring Semester:

    1st: Planning                                  1st: Planning

    2nd: Government                       2nd: Government

    3rd: AP/DE Government            3rd: Government

    4th: Government                        4th: AP/DE Government