• Adult Education

    We strive to be the premier provider of Adult Education services to the citizens of our community by using credentialed personnel and instructional excellence to meet or exceed program goals and performance.

    Garrett Dillard
    Director of Community Learning

    Phone: (276) 647-8932
    Email: gdillard@henry.k12.va.us


    Curriculum & Instruction

    The Henry County School Division's Curriculum and Instruction Department is responsible for coordinating the curriculum and instruction program Pre-K - 12. Curriculum is essentially a road map for learning and focuses on knowledge and skills that are important to learn. Instruction is the means by which that learning will be achieved. We provide curriculum and instructional support for administrators, teachers, paraprofessionals, students and parents.

    Lisa Millner
    Assistant Superintendent of Teaching and Learning
    Phone: (276) 634-4758
    Email: curriculum@henry.k12.va.us


    Energy Education

    We are responsible for engaging all division employees and students to conserve energy and natural resources. Our mission is to minimize energy consumption in order to maximize funds available for use in the classroom, while maintaining a healthy and comfortable learning environment.

    Ken Adkins
    Energy Education Manager
    Phone: (276) 666-2404
    Email: energy@henry.k12.va.us



    The finance department is responsible for the accounting services of the school division, payroll processing, preparation of the annual budget, procurement processing, annual audits, support group organization relations, management of grant reimbursements and financial records, while adhering to all fiscal management policies adopted by the Henry County School Board and by Generally Accepted Accounting Principals (GAAP).

    Ben Boone
    Director of Finance
    Phone: (276) 634-4710
    Email: finance@henry.k12.va.us

    David Scott
    Assistant Superintendent for Operations and Administrative Services
    Phone: (276) 634-4741
    Email:  dscott@henry.k12.va.us


    Human Resources

    We plan, direct, and coordinate human resource management activities of an organization to maximize the strategic use of human resources and maintain functions such as employee compensation, recruitment, personnel policies, and regulatory compliance. We are a resource for our most important asset, our employees.

    Christy Landon
    Director of Human Resources
    Phone: (276) 634-4708
    Email: humanresources@henry.k12.va.us


    Maintenance & Facilities

    Our Facilities Maintenance Department is responsible for providing a safe, comfortable and exciting learning environment for  all students and staff. We are dedicated to providing professional services that repair, maintain and modernize our educational and athletic facilities. 

    Keith Scott
    Director of Facilities Maintenance 
    Phone: (276) 666-2404
    Email: maintenance@henry.k12.va.us

    David Scott
    Assistant Superintendent of Operations and Administrative Services
    Phone: (276) 634-4741
    E-mail: dscott@henry.k12.va.us


    Preschool Program

    We provide a high quality early childhood program for four-year-old children. We process all preschool applications, screen children, and develop home-school partnerships by conducting parent workshops and home visits. The preschool curriculum is based on Virginia's Foundation Blocks for Early Learning and the High/Scope Educational Approach. The curriculum addresses the intellectual, social, emotional and physical needs of four-year-olds by providing a variety of developmentally appropriate active learning experiences. Our goal is to ensure that preschool children are successfully prepared to enter kindergarten.

    Denise Fultz
    Elementary Curriculum Coordinator
    Phone: (276) 634-4716
    Email: preschool@henry.k12.va.us


    Public Information

    We are responsible for promoting Henry County Public Schools and the many accomplishments of our students, faculty, and staff by working with media outlets (print and broadcast). We also work with organizations from the community to coordinate opportunities to work together and provide assistance to individuals interested in volunteering in our schools. 

    Monica Hatchett
    Director of Communications
    Phone: (276) 634-4766
    Email: publicinformation@henry.k12.va.us

    *FOIA requests should be directed to the Communications Office. 


    Pupil Transportation

    Our mission is to provide safe, courteous transportation for the students of Henry County Public Schools.

    Donna Anderson
    Lead Supervisor for Transportation
    Phone: (276) 647-3704
    Email: pupiltransportation@henry.k12.va.us

    David Scott
    Assistant Superintendent of Operations and Administrative Services
    Phone: (276) 634-4741
    E-mail: dscott@henry.k12.va.us



    We organize and maintain the division's records and assist the community-at-large in the delivery of those records per each request. 

    Request for School Transcripts

    Eva Wade
    Records Manager
    Phone: (276) 650-5131
    Fax: (276) 650-5130
    Email: records@henry.k12.va.us


    School Health & Nursing

    Henry County School Nurses strive to implement and improve the health and educational success of our students. We work with organizations throughout the community to increase awareness of health-related issues to parents, students and county residents.

    Sherry Vestal
    School Health and Nursing Coordinator
    Phone: (276) 634-4753
    Email: schoolhealth@henry.k12.va.us


    School Nutrition

    The Mission of our School Nutrition Programs is to provide students of all ages with good nutrition by offering a wide variety of healthy, appetizing food choices in a friendly, supportive environment in order to enhance our students' abilities to learn and grow in the classroom.

    We are responsible for providing nutritionally balanced, low cost or free breakfasts and lunches to students each school day through participation in the federally funded School Breakfast Program (SBP) and National School Lunch Program (NSLP).

    We are also available for a wide variety of catered events within the school community and beyond.

    Marci Lexa
    Director of Nutrition
    Phone: (276) 638-1159
    Email: schoolnutrition@henry.k12.va.us


    Special Education

    The Henry County Special Education Department works collectively with the parents, the school and the community to identify and provide to each eligible special education student an individualized education plan (IEP) to address his/her specific disability in order to receive a free appropriate public education. We advocate for the rights of children with disabilities and offer programs to address literacy and self actualization. The Henry County Special Education Department is comprised of a team of qualified professionals at both the school and central office level who are dedicated to supporting the educational needs of our special education students.

    Emily Roop
    Director of Special Education and Related Services
    Phone: (276) 634-4719
    Email: specialeducation@henry.k12.va.us


    Student Services

    Student Services strives to effectively communicate to all stakeholders Henry County Public Schools' policies, procedures, and data regarding safety, order, and discipline. We work collaboratively with school administrators, School Resource Officers, parents, and community organizations to promote a safe environment in our schools that is conducive to learning. Our department assists all stakeholders with homeschooling, homebound instruction, alternative education programs, attendance, and discipline.

    Matthew Woods
    Director of Student Support Services
    Phone: (276) 634-4735
    Email: studentservices@henry.k12.va.us



    The Superintendent of Henry County Public Schools is Sandy Strayer. Mrs. Strayer manages the school division by providing strong leadership, modeling shared decision-making, and promoting open and honest communication. Mrs. Strayer, a hands-on leader, recognizes that each person brings special gifts and talents to the team that must be honored and developed to achieve greatness.

    Sandy Strayer
    Phone: (276) 634-4711
    Email: asksup@henry.k12.va.us



    We provide digital support for our students, staff and parents by supplying and maintaining various forms of emerging technology. The division's technology surrounds our students from the moment they step on a bus, arrive at school; walk down the halls to the classroom by wireless access points; go through digital lunch lines; go to networked libraries; or as they go to their high-tech classrooms.
    The technology department maintains a safe and secure digital environment which allows students and staff to search the World Wide Web and move forward in the 21st century.

    Elizabeth Fulcher
    Director of Technology
    Phone: (276) 634-4763
    Email: technology@henry.k12.va.us


    Testing/Data Analysis

    The Department of Testing/Data Analysis:

    • Coordinates the implementation of the state testing system by serving as liaison to the state, test companies, other schools divisions, and to the departments and schools within the school division on matters related to assessment
    • Coordinates and assists in the interpretation of the federal guidelines for ESSA to ensure necessary preparations for test administration and proper analysis of test results
    • Provides training to administrators and school testing coordinators in proper test administration and test security protocols
    • Maintains security of testing materials and implement policies and practices to prevent potential breaches in security
    • Coordinates, develops, and prepares training materials for each test administration.

    Shonna Pilson
    Coordinator of Assessment and Accountability
    Phone: (276) 634-4761
    Email: testing@henry.k12.va.us