Collinsville Primary School


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  •       Awards Programs
    May 15: PreK CPS @ 9:00 am; Kindergarten @ 6:00 pm
    May 16: 1st grade @ 6:00 pm
    May 17: 2nd grade @ 6:00 pm
    May 18: PreK JRE @ 9:00 am
    May 23: 3rd grade @ 9:00 am
    May 24: 4th grade @ 9:00 am
    May 25: 5th grade @ 9:00 am 


        Field Day Events
    May 21:  JRS Field Day
    May 22:  CPS Field Day
    *There are no rain dates 
    for Field Day events. 



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  •                         SCHOOL SUPPLY LISTS 2017-2018
                    Collinsville Primary and John Redd Smith

                         Preschool Applications are now available for
    supplies                2018-2019.  Only online applications
                        will be accepted.  
                         Teacher of the Year
                                                                      Congratulations to
                                  Meadow View Elementary's 
    Teacher of the Year
                                                        Ms. Amy Garrett!
                                                      SOL Test Dates 2017-2018
                                         April 26, 2018 -4th Grade VA Studies SOL
                                         April 27, 2018 -5th Grade VA Studies SOL
                                         May 1, 2018 -4th Grade Reading SOL
                                         May 2, 2018 -5th Grade Reading SOL
                                         May 3, 2018 – 3rd Grade Reading SOL
                                         May 4, 2018 -4th Grade Math SOL
                                         May 8, 2018 -5th Grade Math SOL
                                         May 9, 2018 – 3rd Grade Math SOL
                                         May 10, 2018 -5th Grade Science SOL


                                                 collinsville primary
    We believe that the philosophy of success for Collinsville Primary is to involve the students, staff, parents, and community members as a collaborative unit to promote the education of each child.  

    We strive to provide a strong educational foundation for each student through differentiated instruction, to help all students become confident, self-directed learners, and to maintain a nurturing environment where all children feel safe and welcome.
    Principal: Judy Edmonds
                                                     Assistant Principal:  Crystal Dixon                                                    
    Secretary/Bookkeeper: Sonya Robertson
    Office Assistant:  Allison Richardson

    The decision to promote or retain a student is based on the student’s academic achievement with consideration given to social and emotional maturity, age, and attendance pattern. It is the expectation that all students pass the core classes of English, math, social studies and science. The final determination of grade placement is made by the principal on an individual basis and in accordance with board policy.