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    The Language of Life! 


    Our World does not stand still. Ever rotating, ever evolving, ever transforming, it is a dynamic planet where life abounds. Ecology takes an advanced look at how species exist within their ecosystem and how they change it. This has always been happening, but who knew it would become so apparent so fast? A Pandemic offers a new experience, although a challenging one, for us to see how our Earth reacts. 
    For your Ecology assignments, you will choose 2 of the videos each week and watch them in their entirety. After you have viewed the video, you will comment on the documentary. You may include the comments on the same document you are using for your journal, just be sure to put it on a separate page near the end instead of in the middle. Alternatively, you may create a new document and write your comments on it and share it with me. 
    Your comments should include:
    What you learned
    What you felt
    What you think is the important message going forward? 
    Your comments from 2 videos should be completed by Friday at 5 each week. 
    Here is the link again:
    I will have office hours this week on Wednesday from 10 - 12. I will host a zoom check-in on Wednesday from 10 - 11 am, and another one from 8 - 9 pm on Wednesday as well. You can choose which one you would like to attend. The meetings are designed to ask questions or for clarifications, let us know how you are doing, and to check in with us. Next week normal office hours of 10-12 will resume. 
    Remember - we are required to document that we have heard from you at least twice a week and that you are making progress! Please take advantage of the Zoom check ins to help us accomplish this! You can also directly respond to emails to verify that you are okay and ask any questions you need to.

       water purification
    Water water everywhere, but not a drop to drink. Water is our most valuable, and most limited resource.
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    The Language of Life - Warrior Tech
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