• Welcome to the Vocabulary Page for English 10!

    Each week, you will have new sets of words on this page.

    Each week, you should fill out the vocabulary chart that has it's own Page on my website.  If you do not want to fill out the CHART, you can create a list or bullet that contains all of the same items from the chart.  You should send the chart to me via Google Docs.  I will provide feedback on your charts so that you have a definition that is closer to MY definition if you are far off.

    Each week, you should also create your own sentences for the vocabulary words (specific guidelines will be on Thursdays under "Vocabulary Sentences). This should be sent to me via Google Docs.


    Week 2 (March 30-April 3)

    1. affiliate

    2.  apprehensive

    3.  callous

    4.  commendable

    5.  ecstatic

    6.  encumber

    7.  indignant

    8.  ineffectual

    9.  judicious

    10.  verbatim