•  Week of October 7-11, 2019 
    Posted below are the objectives your student will see on the board for this week. We will say them each day, and when you ask them, this is what they should be able to say they are learning each day. So no excuse for answering "I don't know" or "Nothing" for when you ask what they did at school! :) 
    Reading: Today I will learn to use context clues so I can think deeply when I read. I know I have it when can use the words and pictures around another word to help me figure out a word I do not know. 
    Today I will read words with consnant blends so I can decode words more easily. I know I have it when I can blend the words without help from a friend or teacher. 
    Math: Today I will recognize the relationships between addition and subtraction so I can use those to help me solve addition and subtraction problems. I Know I have it when I can solve addition and subtraction problems using a strategy of my choice. 
    Today I will learn about equalities and inequalities so I can understand equations that are equal and not equal. I know I have it when I can demonstrate and explain how an equation is equal or not equal using the correct symbols. 
    Social Studies: Today I will learn to locate the seven continents, five oceans, equator, prime meridian, and hemispheres so I can use a map and a globe. I know I have it when I can locate and label these on a map and globe