• Henry County Farm Bureau Scholarship Guidelines



    1. The County Board of Directors will appoint a Scholarship committee.


    1. Applicants need not be Farm Bureau Member.


    1. Individual could win more than one year.


    1. County will award up to $1000.00 in scholarships per year to qualified applicants. County may elect not to give a scholarship at any time.


    1. Scholarship will be presented at County Annual Meeting and in County Newsletter. Information on rules will be distribute to guidance counselors, vo-ag teachers, and local extension offices.


    1. Applicants must:


    • Be prepared to give written presentation of aims and goals.
    • Fill out our applications form
    • Preference will be given to applicants who are going into Agriculture studies or related fields.


    1. Dead line Dates:


    March 1, 2022- applications must be competed and received by Farm


    April 15, 2022- winner will be announced.

    June 2022- Scholarship award


    1. Check will be mailed to the college or the recipient at the discretion of the Board. Recipient wishing check to be given directly must state reason.


    1. Scholarship does not have to be offered every year, nor awarded after being offered, if no suitable applicants are not found. The Board of Directors is charged with the responsibility of preserving the monies for worthy winners that will give the program creditability and dignity characteristic of Henry County Farm Bureau.

    See Mr. Goodman for Scholarship Forms

    Mail to

    Henry County Farm Bureau

    156 E. Market Street, Suite 2

    Martinsville, VA 24112

Last Modified on February 9, 2022