• What You Need For AP Environmental Science



    Environmental Science is one of the most important subjects to study. Our society is influenced by it every day.  A persons overall health is affected by the quality of the environment they live in, from the cleanliness of the air they are breathing, to the purity of the water available to drink, to the habitat they live in.  Presently environmental issues are embodied in all aspects of our culture, from the political arena to everyday social settings. I will provide you with current issues, theories and data and how they relate to you, the student and society as a whole. My goal for you as my student is to make sure you have an understanding of the concepts covered in a first year university Environmental Science course and make connections between the concepts you are learning and relevance to your life and the lives of others. 



    Recommended Student Materials

    The key to success in an advanced placement course is organization.  For you to be organized it is recommended that you have the following:

    GRAPH PAPER either loose or in a notebook


    3-RING BINDER with the following sections (you may use a section in a larger binder)

    o   Notes from Prezi

    o   Article Synopses 

    o   Labs

    o   Vocabulary and class work

    CALCULATOR. You may NOT use your cell phone as a calculator. If you wish to use a calculator you will need to have one with you.

    PENS & PENCILS for writing



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    Remind signup instructions FOR STUDENTS:

    1st Block: For text messages, send a text message to (775)341-4283 with the message @bhs1apenv