6th Grade English

  • Course Description and Course Content:

    Students will work collaboratively in groups, independently, and participate in classroom discussions while learning to actively listen to classmates' viewpoints, opinions, and ideas. They will continue to explore literature in all genres, develop their vocabulary and writing skills, apply them in their speaking, and learn to appropriately use technology as a resource in research. Students must maintain a 60% passing level in order to complete the course. Please see teacher website for SOL content.
    Writing: Relfective, Expository, Persuasive, and Research. Nonfiction, Vocabulary, Grammar, Sentence Structure, Fiction, Drama, and Poetry.

    Please come to class on time, prepared, and ready to learn. Be responsible, be respectful, and be productive – our Laurel Park Core Values. Please bring your organized binder, writing utensil, and iPad with you to class every day. If the teacher is talking, you are not. Your noise level in the classroom should be as such. Treat others how you would want to be treated. Work as a team, this is your classroom and we want this to be a safe place for everyone to learn and be themselves. Gum is allowed in class until I see it. Once I see it, (bubble, on floor, on desk, on someone else, etc.) there will be no more. Water is allowed in a clear bottle and there will be a time for snack during Core 3. Leave the drama outside - this is your safe space. Any concerns you may have may certainly be discussed with Mrs. Foley before or after class, but not during our class’ instructional time. The less distractions we have, the more FUN we have!

    Supplies Needed:

    - Three ring binder with notebook paper                         - Index Cards                                                      - Composition Notebook

    - Dividers                                                                            - Crayons/Colored Pencils                                - Expo Markers

    - Pens (red and blue or black ink pens)                            - Pencils

    - Highlighters                                                                     - iPad will be used EVERY DAY


    Classwork, Daily Assignments, Participation 60%

    Tests 40%

    Students must maintain a 60% in order to complete this course.

    All assignments are due on the date given. Late assignments will have points deducted. All make-up work is the student's responsibility and is accessible to them.

    HCPS grade scale:

    A+ 100-97 4.0  
    A 96-93 4.0 5.0
    A- 92-90 3.7 4.7
    B+ 89-87 3.3 4.3
    B 86-83 3.0 4.0
    B- 82-80 2.7 3.7
    C+ 79-77 2.3 3.3
    C 76-73 2.0 3.0
    C- 72-70 1.7 2.7
    D+ 69-68 1.3 2.3
    D 67-66 1.0 2.0
    D- 65-60 .7 1.7
    F 59-0 0 0

    Class Dojo

    You may keep track of your students' behavior and progress on your parent account with Class Dojo. This is a team preference. You may also use this to communicate with ALL teachers on the team. Each teacher can be reached through your student’s advisory (homeroom) profile. Please just address which teacher you are trying to contact at the beginning of your message. You can use your computer, cell phone, or other electronic device to create your parent account. You will then be prompted to set up your child’s account giving them permission to log on from school to edit monster and portfolios. If you did not receive your access code at Business Day please send your advisory teacher an email. Students will log their points and are responsible for keeping their weekly/monthly totals for team incentives. Students maycash in 12, 24, or 36 points or “punches” at a time in return for a reward. These are team rewards separate from the Lancer Code’s small and big rewards that go along with our school's core values. While the following skills and behaviors can be added to throughout the year based on classroom environment and students’ needs, students will earn AND lose class dojo points individually or as a group for the following:

    Responsible +1, Respectful +1, Productive +1, Kindness +1,
Appropriate Noise Level +1, Organization +1, Participation +2, Teamwork +2, Homework Complete +1 (Responsibility)

    Disrespect (to classmate or adult) -1,
Incomplete Homework -1, Not Following Directions -1, Off Task -1,
Too Loud -1,
No iPad -1, No Writing Utensil -1, No Binder -1, Tardy -1



    E-mail Address: sfoley@henry.k12.va.us

    Work Phone: (276) 632-7216


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