• 6th Grade Science Syllabus


    Course Description: 

    These sixth-grade science standards are set forth by the Virginia Department of Education.  The students will learn various forms of science including:

    • Scientific Investigation
    • Matter 
    • Solar System
    • Sun, Earth & Moon Relationships
    • Properties of Air/Earth’s Atmosphere
    • Properties of Water
    • Watersheds
    • Energy
    • Human Impact on Environment; Public Policy

    Grading Scale:





    F-59 and below


    Classroom Expectations:

    1.Cell phones should be off and away during instruction time, unless specific permission is given from your teacher.

    2.iPads must be charged to AT LEAST 80% at the beginning of each day.

    3.Respect is REQUIRED. This includes respect for each other, the school, faculty and staff, as well as yourself.

    4.Stay seated unless instructed to get up.

    5.Come to class prepared (including a positive attitude).

    6.Do YOUR own best work!

    7.Bathroom breaks should be taken BEFORE class and/or during assigned bathroom breaks.

    8.Students are expected to adhere to all HCPS and FCMS rules (virtually and in person). FCMS discipline policy will be enforced.  Remember to always uphold our school’s core values: Respect, Responsibility, Honesty, and Kindness. 


    Classwork/Communication = Canvas

    All work and communication will be in Canvas.  Parents/guardians can get access to your students’ Canvas through becoming an observer!

    Directions can be found on the FCMS website.

    Please contact me if you need help doing this!