Listed below are some really simple but awesome things you can do at home with your kiddos!

    Create a routine! Kids like routines! They like to know what to expect. This will also prevent you from having to repeat yourself all day!

    1. Create a morning message (dry erase or paper) Add on the morning message what they will be doing today! Do this using pictures and drawings as well as words. Make sure you hit that print-word awareness!

    2. Give them autonomy! Simply meaning let them have choices! Let them have a leadership role! Let them be in charge of loading the dish washer or make them the trash patrol and have them in charge of clean up! Let them choose which book they want to read to you!

    3. Daily journal writing! Granted, many children this age can’t write an entire journal entry but they can draw pictures and possibly phonetically spell some simple words. Have them tell you what they drew and write it for them.

    4. Create busy bags! Use what you have at home! A gallon bag works great! Fill these bags with small items they can work with in a specified space. Some great items would be legos, puzzles, straws, matching cards, lacing strings and buttons, small matchbox cars, army men, crayons and paper, wiki sticks, building blocks, etc. check on line for more ideas.

    5. Allow screen time! Quitting cold turkey will be horrific. Instead give them specific times they can work on their iPads/tablets. Set a timer or alarm and let them know that when the timer goes off their time is up. Once again, routine! Some great websites to visit would include: Starfall, abcya, pbskids, ABCmouse.

    6. Have a scheduled play time and work time!
    Do those homework packets that were sent home!!

    7. Lunch times can be fun! Have a picnic in the living room floor, or on a nice day eat on the porch or deck!

    8. Nap times are important! There bodies need rest!!

    9. Think about what you did as a kid and introduce them to it! Play outside, draw, color, pretend to cook or actually let them help you cook!

    10. Read, read, read! Read to them everyday!

    Fun time ideas!
    *write in the sand or salt
    *water table play
    *letter matching
    *sight word games
    *do a science experiment!
    *pretend play


    Credit: Denise Fultz