•         Our classroom behavior policy uses a point system. Everyday each child will start with five points. Children earning 22-25 points for the week will receive a S in citizenship for the week. Below is a list of the rules they will see posted in class. Please go over these with them, as I will in class. You will also receive a Weekly Progress Report with their citizenship grade on Mondays in their Weekly Folders. Just a few reminders: Severe disruptions will go directly to the principal, if assignments are not completed in class in a timely manner, your child may have to complete them during itinerant. Homework will be an automatic loss of a point because their planner is their warning. If they have 5 N’s on their Weekly Progress Report, they will get an “N” on their report card. The behavior chart only has to be signed if they get to the #2.


    Mrs. Cotner’s Classroom Rules


    1. Respect teachers, students, and the building.
    2. Follow directions quickly.
    3. Come to class prepared.
    4. Stay on task.
    5. Raise your hand to leave your seat.
    6. Work Hard!


    Consequences for breaking rule(s): 1st time- Warning, 2nd time- lose a point, 3rd time- lose a point and silent lunch, 4th time- lose a point, silent lunch, phone call/note home and behavior reflection, 5th time- lose a point, silent lunch, phone call/note home, behavior reflection, and principal’s office visit.