• Art Grading Scale
                                                                                Effort           Students must try their best.
                                                                               Directions          Students must meet the project requirements.
                                                                               Craftsmanship    Students should be able to stay within the lines when coloring, shading, or painting, as 
                                                                                               well as draw shapes correctly, draw the different types of lines correctly, and use the different                                                                                                        types of lines or shapes together in order to create a unified well crafted work of art.                                                                                                                                      
                                                                               Respect      Students must take care of art materials/ art room.
    Students start out with 100 % in each category, at the beginning of the semester. Points will be lost due to lack of effort, lack of participation, poor craftsmanship, not following the directions of the projects, not cleaning their table or floor, or taking care of the art supplies and their projects.