•  Mrs. Wells' Daily Schedule
    7:30-8:10 Monitor S44 (4th/5th grade) / Reading Specialist Duties
    8:10-9:00 PALS (K) / Guided Reading (1st) / Reading Specialist Duties
    9:00-9:45 Guided Reading (K) / Reading Specialist Duties
    9:45-10:30 Guided Reading (2nd) / Reading Specialist Duties
    10:30 - 11:00 PALS (2nd) / Reading Specialist Duties
    11:00-11:30 LUNCH
    11:30-12:00 Guided Reading (5th) / Reading Specialist Duties
    12:00-12:30 PALS (1st)
    12:30-1:15 Guided Reading (3rd) / PALS 12:45-1:15 / Read 180 (4th) 12:25-1:10
    1:15-1:50 PALS (3rd) / Read 180 (5th) 1:45-2:30 / Reading Specialist Duties
    1:50-2:30 Guided Reading (4th) / Reading Specialist Duties
    2:30-3:00 Bus Duty (Cafeteria)
    Reading Specialist Duties include but are not limited to...
    • coordinating assessments (PALS, Reading Inventories, Phonics Inventories, DSA, and Running Records)
    • administering assessments
    • analyzing and sharing assessment data to guide instruction for the Balanced Literacy Model K-5
    • providing and attending professional development (county-wide and school-specific)
    • observing ELA blocks K-5
    • coaching and/or modeling the implementation of a Balanced Literacy block
    • monitoring/modeling Read 180/System 44/Open Court K-2/HMH K-5 instruction/implementation of the Lucy Calkins Writing K-5
    • coordinating RYWTTR for MVE
    • coordinating the PARC writing activity for MVE
    • attending weekly grade level meetings when related to ELA as needed
    • conferenceing with individual teachers as needed
    • coordinating Family Reading Nights
    • providing feedback to teachers and the Literacy Team after observing instruction
    • monitoring the use of literacy team members in the classroom and during PALS pull-out
    • conducting PD as necessary for teachers and paraprofessionals
    • scheduling
    • serving on the Child Study Committee
    • serving on the School Improvement Committee