• 4th Grade Discipline Plan
    Stanleytown Elementary School

    Dear Parents,

    In order to guarantee your child and all of the students in fourth grade the excellent learning climate that they deserve, we will be using the following discipline plan this year.

    We believe that all students can behave appropriately in each fourth grade classroom.  We will not tolerate any student behavior that stops us from teaching and/or stops any student from learning.

    Our classroom rules: (THINK)

    1. Keep Talking to a minimum.

    2. Make sure Homework and classwork are complete.

    3. Inappropriate Behavior will not be tolerated.

    4. Not following directions can lead to problems.

    5. Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself.


    Our classroom consequences:

    1.  Verbal Warning

    2.  Name in the book

    3.  In School Suspension (ISS) *If your child is placed in ISS you will be notified.*

    3.  Phone call home

    4.  Refer to Principal


    Any time that a student is called down for inappropriate behavior, his or her name will be placed in “The Book” by the teacher that observes the behavior.  Each Thursday we will get together to tally the number of behavior problems for the week and we will record that number in the weekly folder. We will be expecting no more than three behavior problems per week. Of course, rewards will be given for good behavior in the classroom. At the end of each nine weeks, we will have a reward for the students who have not exceeded 27 marks (1st nine weeks), 21 marks (2nd nine weeks), 18 marks (3rd nine weeks, and 12 marks (4th nine weeks). When students receive excessive strikes in any area (homework completion, talking, playing, etc.) it will be reflected in the citizenship or work habits area of the report card.

    If there is ever a question about a behavior policy or anything else concerning your child’s classes, please do not hesitate to let us know. We are here to educate your child and we are willing to do whatever it takes to give them everything they need to be a success!

    Thank you,

    The 4th Grade Team