• Oh Henry - Career Development

    "Oh Henry" Internship - Seniors Only

    Students explore the realities of a chosen career pathway with a mentor from the business/professional community. Two different internship programs are available. The student may select a non-credit internship that requires 25 hours with a mentor and attendance at Career Experiences Program scheduled events. If the student wishes to receive credit, he/she must assemble a portfolio, attend all required activities, complete on-line class activities, and complete 80 hours on the job with a mentor.

    Oh Henry Internship Application

    Job Shadowing - Grades 9-12

    Students observe a worker in a chosen field, in a typical workday situation. The employee serves as a role model by doing his/her job as usual. A shadowing experience takes place in the period of one day. These student experiences provide excellent opportunities to increase career awareness and workplace exposure, allowing students to focus and refine their future career choices.

    For more information contact Tiffany Geiger at tiffany.geiger@henry.k12.va.us