Center for Community Learning


    The Center for Community Learning is a group of adult and student learners who believe that education is a vital link in preparing students for life in the 21st century. We commit to working with families and community members to support the personal, academic and career growth of every student. We believe that students must have a common core of knowledge, a set of skills to effectively utilize that knowledge, and an understanding of our responsibilities to ourselves and others in order to participate effectively in a global society.


    Honesty         Equity           Respect  

    Personal integrity           Collaboration         Personal Integrity     

    All students have the potential to achieve, although at different paces.
    Each student has something unique to offer his/her school and community.
    Students learn best when instruction provides them with the opportunity to solve authentic problems.
    Students should experience equal opportunities to work alone and to work collaboratively with others.  
    Students must feel safe, both physically and emotionally, in their school and their classrooms.


    Academic - - Students will be able to solve problems in both conventional and innovative methods.  Students will communicate effectively through oral, written, visual, artistic, and technical modes of expression.  Students will demonstrate the acquisition of core knowledge in defined subject areas. Students will read for comprehension and to effectively analyze arguments and opinions.  Students will be able to think critically as an individual and in collaboration with others.

    Social  - - Students will demonstrate appropriate personal, interpersonal, and professional skills and behaviors.  Students will demonstrate a respect for diversity.

    Civic - - Students will demonstrate community involvement.  Students will demonstrate an awareness of their global responsibility to others and the environment.