First and Second Semester, School Year 2019-2020

    Welcome  to  Algebra 2 and AFDA Classes 

    Teacher:   Mrs. Ana E. Alvarez 

    Phone:       276 -6291731  (@BHS, available M-F 3:30-4:30 pm)

    e-Mail:      aalvarez@henry.k12.va.us          Room:       22

    Refer to my WebPage: https://www.henry.k12.va.us/Domain/623

         for the following: Schedule, Materials/Supplies needed, Syllabus, VDOE Standards, Curriculum Framework,

         School/Classroom Rules and Expectations, Grading Scale & Policy, Calendar, link to daily Homework – IXL.com


    Classroom Rules:

    > Be courteous and respectful to your peers and teacher. 

    > Be seated in your assigned seats before the bell rings.

    > Come to class prepared every day, on time and with fully charged iPad/McBook.

    > Be responsible; attentive during instructions and participate in classroom discussion.

    > NO sharing of textbook and graphing calculators in class.

    > Cellphone is strictly not allowed; to be placed in the graphing calculator pocket upon entering the room.

    > Earbud is not allowed in the hallway and in the classroom, unless needed to reinforce learning.

    >Teacher dismiss the class not the bell.

    > Follow school wide norms and all guidelines and procedures in Henry County Schools Code of Student Conduct handbook.

    >Use of photomath and other apps during assessments/quizzes/tests are not allowed and will receive a zero grade.


    Students are expected to practice all Math concepts daily to achieve learning goals.

    Showing of solutions/work in every math activity is required. NO work, NO credit. Hardwork is needed to become successful.

    Homework/ Classwork (HW/CW): will be graded daily and is due at the beginning of the class. CW/HW that is turned in late will result in losing 10 points per day after the due date.  Daily homework is posted on the board and online/webpage/Remind 101.

    Quizzes: is given DAILY, could be announced or not (students are expected to study every day).

    Test:  will be given according to the syllabus.

    Projects/Performance Tasks/Cornerstone Tasks will be graded as a test.

    Make-up work: As soon as the student gets back from absence, he/she is responsible to get copy of missed work and, copy missed notes & pertinent information from classmates.  A zero (0) grade is reflected in the gradebook for missed work until such time make up work is completed and submitted within 3 days including the day he/she returns to class. Missed work must not be done during class time.

    Boardwork: is a form of classroom participation, and is always graded.

    Notes will be checked periodically.

    iPad/McBook must be fully charged at home and can also be used for DESMOS graphing calculator.

    *After school assistance is provided daily.


    BEST way to communicate with Students and Parents in regard to daily homework/assignment and class update:
    Communication channel with the class:  REMIND 101 

    1.       Please sign up for Remind 101 text messages. Do not reply to this number as this is a one-way text message.


    *Text the message below to 81010

              @b2afda            -for AFDA Block 2

              @3alge2            -for Algebra 2 Block 3

              @4aldos            -for Algebra 2 Block 4


    2.       Email me if you have any clarification or concerns:  aalvarez@henry.k12.va.us