First and Second Semester, School Year 2019-2020

    Welcome  to  Algebra 2 and AFDA Classes 

    Teacher:   Mrs. Ana E. Alvarez 

    Phone:       276 -6291731  (@BHS, available M-F 3:30-4:30 pm)

    e-Mail:      aalvarez@henry.k12.va.us          Room:       22

    Refer to my WebPage: https://www.henry.k12.va.us/Domain/623

         for the following: Schedule, Materials/Supplies needed, Syllabus, VDOE Standards, Curriculum Framework,

         School/Classroom Rules and Expectations, Grading Scale & Policy, Calendar, link to daily Homework – IXL.com


    Classroom Rules:

    > Be courteous and respectful to your peers and teacher. 

    > Be seated in your assigned seats before the bell rings.

    > Come to class prepared every day, on time and with fully charged iPad/McBook.

    > Be responsible; attentive during instructions and participate in classroom discussion.

    > NO sharing of textbook and graphing calculators in class.

    > Cellphone is strictly not allowed; to be placed in the graphing calculator pocket upon entering the room.

    > Earbud is not allowed in the hallway and in the classroom, unless needed to reinforce learning.

    >Teacher dismiss the class not the bell.

    > Follow school wide norms and all guidelines and procedures in Henry County Schools Code of Student Conduct handbook.


    Students are expected to practice all Math concepts daily to achieve learning goals.

    Showing of solutions/work in every math activity is required. NO work, NO credit. Hardwork is needed to become successful.

    Homework/ Classwork (HW/CW): will be graded daily and is due at the beginning of the class. CW/HW that is turned in late will result in losing 10 points per day after the due date.  Daily homework is posted on the board and online/webpage/Remind 101.

    Quizzes: is given DAILY, could be announced or not (students are expected to study every day).

    Test:  will be given according to the syllabus.

    Projects/Cornerstone Tasks will be graded as test.

    Make-up work: As soon as the student gets back from absence, he/she is responsible to get copy of missed work and, copy missed notes & pertinent information from classmates.  A zero (0) grade is reflected in the gradebook for missed work until such time make up work is completed and submitted within 3 days including the day he/she returns to class. Missed work must not be done during class time.

    Boardwork: is a form of classroom participation, and is always graded.

    Notes will be checked periodically.

    *After school tutorial is provided per schedule.


    BEST way to communicate with Students and Parents in regard to daily homework/assignment and class update:
    Communication channel with the class:  REMIND 101 
    (code will be ready during the Back to School Night)

    1.       Please sign up for Remind 101 text messages. Do not reply to this number as this is a one-way text message.

    *Text the message

              @ to 81010         for Algebra 2 Block 1

              @ to 81010           for AFDA Block 3

              @  to  81010          for Algebra 2 Block 4

    *** 2nd Semester:

    Text the message:

    @    to 81010                for AFDA Block 2

    @    to 81010                for Algebra 2 Block 3

    @    to 81010                for Algebra 2 Block 4


    2.       Email me if you have any clarification or concerns:  aalvarez@henry.k12.va.us