Civics & Economics – 7th Grade

    Mr. J. Hooper                                             jhooper@henry.k12.va.us



      As a Civics & Economics teacher, I will educate students on the civic duties and responsibilities of US citizens; types of economic systems and how they affect day-to-day life; and the structure of function of national, state and local governments. Students will learn the significance of these things to our current everyday life.          

    Topics to be Covered 2021 - 2022:

    1st Quarter

    Economic Principles

    U.S Economy

    Role of Government in US Economy

    Personal Finance and Career Opportunities


    2nd Quarter
    Foundations of American Government

    Citizenship & Civic Life
    Elections & the Political Process

    Influencing the Government

    3rd Quarter

    Local Government

    Virginia & State Government

    National Government

    4th Quarter

    American Judicial System

    SOL Review

    SOL Test



    • Paper
    • Colored pencils/crayons
    • Pens/pencils
    • Glue stick
    • Basic folder to keep notes, study guides, and assignments in


    Daily Schedule:

    1st Period – 1st Exploratory

    2nd Period – 2nd Exploratory

    3rd Period - Core 1                     

    4th Period - Core 2                     

    5th Period - Core 3                      

    6th Period - Core 4                        



    • iPads are to be brought to class every day fully charged.
    • Proper materials (pencils/pens, notebooks, etc.) are to be brought to class every day.

    Discipline Plan:

    • Warning/Teacher Conference
    • Contact Parent/Guardian
    • PBIS (see FCMS webpage for Code of Conduct policies and program components)
    • Referral to Principal

    *Some instances may require an immediate office referral*