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    Posted by Frances Holland on 9/18/2017 8:00:00 AM

    Hello!  I wanted to let everyone know about some of the expectations in the classroom.

     Be prepared!  We have alot of work to do to ensure our kids are ready for the SOLs.  That means,  we need to try to be at school everyday and on time!

      Be Respectful!  We need to respect each other and help each other to ensure we ALL are ready for the SOLs!

        Remember the rules throughout the school. No talking in the hallways, we are in a line while we are walking through the hallways,  respecting ALL adults, and No talking while the teachers are teaching!!

      These are just a few!  I hope you have a good day!

      Some of the expectations while we are virtual. 

    Be prepared.  Be prepared to share and work while online.

    Be respectful.  You will be muted while I am talking.  You may unmute yourself if you have a question or if I call on you, or may chat in the chatbox.  If you chat in the chatbox about things that do not have to do with our lesson, there will be consequences.

    Be on time.  We are still in school, and we do not have the time to go back and repeat material if you are late.  The lessons will be recorded and placed on Canvas for you to go back to review. 


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