Requirements by Grade Level for an Advanced Diploma*
  • Considerations

    A student's total number of electives will be reduced if the student takes Algebra or Geometry in a two-part sequence

    Over the course of a student's high school career, he/she must: 

    For another version of the imformation listed above (including the chart), see the Mininum Graduation Requirements Explanations & Clarifications list under the Advanced Diploma Section. 

    SOL Test Requirements

    Over the course of student's high school career, he/she must: 

    • pass Reading & Writing
    • pass 2 Math
    • pass 2 Science
    • pass 2 Social Science
    • pass 1 additional SOL in any subject area

    For students entering into the 9th grade in the 2018-2019 school year, the amount of SOL Tests for Verified Credit needed to graduate changed from 6 to 5 upon the ommission of an additional Mathematics, Science, or History/Social Science test. Students are still required to pass, for Verified Credit, 2 English tests, 1 Math test, 1 Science test, 1 History/Social Science test, and a Career and Technical Course (CTE). This change of requirements affects students pursuing both a Standard and Advanced Diploma.

    *To earn an Advanced Diploma the student must sucessfully aquire 29 course credits during his/her high school career