• Career and Technical Education 


    Pathways in the Agricultural Sciences teach students how agriculture is related to business, medicine, technology and engineering. The programs will give you the preparation and training needed for you to be successful many different careers.


    As a student in the Cosmetology program you will gain the skills necessary for entry-level positions in cosmetology through training that includes classroom study, demonstrations, and practical application. Your classes will take place in a room set up like a salon to give you hands-on training utilizing equipment and skills currently found in industry.

    Computer Science 

    These high-level technologists are a driving force behind the advancement of modern computing. Merging deep technical acumen, creativity and scientific research skills, computer scientists invent new information systems and improve upon existing ones. Computer scientists work in a variety of industries, notably hardware and software design companies, the federal government (especially in the defense sector), IT research firms and academia.

    Industrial Maintenance 

    Industrial machinery mechanics and maintenance workers maintain and repair factory equipment and other industrial machinery, such as conveying systems, production machinery, and packaging 

    Early Childhood Education 

    As a student in the Early Childhood Education Childcare program you will study human development, pediatric diseases and disorders, and social and community services. You will learn how to provide instruction and care for children through lessons on goal setting and teaching strategies. You will also be able to practice hands-on skills in classroom through simulated situations.

    Health Occupations 

    Programs in the Health Science cluster will allow you to explore how illnesses are prevented, treated, and managed, as well as learn how to manage medical records. Taking part in one of CTE’s Health Science’s programs or academies will prepare you for a myriad of careers in healthcare.

    Culinary Arts

    The Culinary Arts program is a great fit for students who want to learn to cook, understand management, or want to own their own restaurant.

    Industry Credential, Licenses & Assessment

    Certain CTE courses enable students, who complete a CTE sequence of courses, to earn industry credential, a state license, and/or a national certification. Requirements for the standard diploma shall include a requirement to earn a career and technical education credential that has been approved by the Board. For a complete list of available certifications, licenses and assessments, please see the comprehensive list from the Virginia Department of Education using this link http://www.doe.virginia.gov/instruction/career_technical/path_industry_certification/index.shtml

    Cooperative Education

    Cooperative education is a method of instruction in the marketing program that combines career and technical classroom instruction with paid employment directly related to the classroom instruction.  Both student instruction and employment are planned and supervised by the school and the employer so that each contributes to the student’s career objectives and employability.  Students interested in cooperative education should see their school counselor.

    Career Academy

    The Career Academy is an off campus advanced learning community located in Figsboro where students receive academic instruction in a work based learning environment.  Students at the Career Academy will spend two blocks during their school day focusing on a career they have an interest in that will lead to potential job opportunities in the community or surrounding areas. Courses in industrial maintenance, agriculture, and cosmetology are currently offered. Due to extended instructional time, classes at the Career Academy will have additional credit considerations.