• Accelerated College Education (ACE) Academy 

    ACE Academy is a partnership between Patrick Henry Community College and Henry County Public Schools. Students selected to participate in the ACE Academy will earn an Associate’s Degree from Patrick Henry Community College by taking courses during their junior and senior years of high school. The Advanced Placement curriculum will be taught in the courses offered at the student’s home school. Students will attend Patrick Henry for one-half day during their senior year. All other courses will be taught at their home school. Students interested in enrolling in the ACE Academy should speak with a school counselor regarding their plan of study. It is recommended that students complete their third year of foreign language by the end of their sophomore year.

    Students should contact a school counselor in the winter of their sophomore year for an application. Admission to the ACE Academy is highly competitive. Selection criteria include GPA, SOL scores, Virginia Placement Test scores, teacher recommendations and acceptance to Patrick Henry Community College.

    Courses Prior to Junior Year 

    Students enrolled in the ACE Academy must complete one introductory course prior to the beginning of their junior year.  These courses are scheduled by staff at Patrick Henry Community College and are offered at least twice.   

    Junior Course Descriptions

    Juniors must enroll in ALL courses offered by Patrick Henry Community College listed for them that year. 

    Senior Course Descriptions