• Reading

    Students listen to short stories to improve comprehension skills. Students use picture recipes to make snacks. Students learn to recognize letters of the alphabet. Students learn to write their first and last names using pre-printed letters and organizing them correctly.



    Students learn to recognize numbers and tell time using digital and analog clocks. Students learn to identify money and money equivalents. Students count manipulatives and associate the numeral up to 10 using math games.


    Social Sciences/ Science/ History

    Students learn about their world from social stories and unit themes. Students will investigate and conduct simple science experiments to draw conclusions. The students will work on mini units to include history, geography, economics, and civics.


    Pre-Vocational Skills

    Students are taught skills to guide them toward more independent living.  These skills include making snacks, cleaning up work areas, taking care of plants, personal hygiene, leisure activity skills, and asking for help when necessary.


    Evaluation Procedure

    Students are evaluated through observation, worksheets, and oral responses.