• Step One: Central Registry Background Check 

    1. Print ALL pages of the Central Registry background check.
    2. Complete the entire sheet with information that is accurate and true. 
    3. DO NOT use white out or mark through any information that is incorrectly entered. If you do, you must reprint and restart. 
    4. Once the information portion is complete, DO NOT sign the signature blank; a notary will require you to sign in front of them. 
    5. Once the form has been completed and notarized, return it to your child's school or the Henry County Public Schools School Board Office.
    6. When it is returned, the background check must be accompanied by a $10.00 dollar cashier's check or money order payable to the Virginia Department of Social Services. Please make sure your money order or cashier's check is signed. Personal checks or cash WILL NOT be accepted. 
    7. Complete step two: the criminal background check.