• Frequently Asked Questions

    How long are the background checks good?

    Once approved, background checks are good for three years. The expiration date of a specific volunteer time period is printed on the volunteer badge. We recommend renewing at least 30 days in advance of the expiration date. 

    I completed the background checks, but have not heard anything yet. What do I do? 

    First make sure you have completed both steps one and two of the background check process. If you have only completed one of the steps, you will not be approved until both are complete. In addition, once you submit, it takes at least 6 weeks for applications to be approved. You will know you are approved once you receive the approval email and your visitor's badge in the mail. 

    I received the approval email. Where do I get my badge?

    Henry County Public Schools no longer prints volunteer badges. You will receive your badge in the mail once your background check has been approved. 

    Do I need to do separate background checks if I want to volunteer at more than one school? 

    No. Approved volunteers are welcome to volunteer at all schools throughout the county. 

    I have not received my approval email yet or my badge. Can I still go on a field trip or volunteer?  

    No. Henry County Public Schools does not permit unauthorized visitors at any event. There is no way to expedite the approval process either, so please be mindful of important dates before submitting the background check. 

    How much does it cost? 

    Since there are two sections, each one is paid for separately. Together they are $29.45. The criminal background check is $19.45, and the Central Registry background check is $10. 

    What if I do not have a debit card or credit card to pay for the online background check in step two?

     You can purchase a preloaded visa credit card at a local retailer or call the central office at (276) 634-4700 for help. 

    I have lost my Secure Volunteer card! What do I do?**

    If you have lost your card, you can visit the Secure Volunteer Website. In the top right corner of the page, you will see a blue button that says "Get a Replacement Card." A small fee may be required by Secure Volunteer to reissue the card.

    I was an approved volunteer before HCPS started using Secure Volunteer and have an old photo ID badge. When do I need to update my information? 

    Anyone who does not have the new Secure Volunteer card with an expiration date must complete the new volunteer process. Each year, the school receives a list of currently approved volunteers. 


    Secure Volunteer Mobil App Coming January 2023


    **Launching January 2023 - Background Investigation Burearu (BIB) is launching a brand new mobile app for Secure Volunteer Users! One of the biggest features of this mobile app is that it will be replacing paper ID cards with digital ID cards. This will ensure cards are issued in a timely manner as well as eliminate the frustration of lost cards.