• Graduate of Distinction

    Students who are recognized as a Graduate of Distinction must meet certain requirements. 

    Academic (students must meet at least one of the following requirements)

    • Cumulative grade point average of 3.8 or higher
    • Score 1250 or higher on SAT using any two of the subtests, or at least 700 on any one subject tests
    • Score 28 or higher on ACT composite score
    • Earn a state or national academic award/office and have at least a 3.5 GPA 

    Service-Learning or Volunteering 

    • Must complete at least 40 hours of volunteer service

    Extra-Curricular School Activities 

    • Must participate in a minimum of two activities during their junior and senior year combined 


    *If there are any health reasons that would prevent a student from completing any activities, please contact your school counselor.*

    Students will be recognized with a medallion and reception. The School Board, administration of each school, and parents of Graduates of Distinction will be invited to the event.



    MVHS Graduate of Distinction Application

    BHS Graduate of Distinction Application

    Graduate of Distinction Logs Junior

    Graduate of Distinction Logs Junior (Spanish)

    Graduate of Distinction Logs Senior

    Graduate of Distinction Logs Senior (Spanish)