Psychology Mind Map
  • Welcome to Psychology - Dual Enrollment. 

    What is Psychology: Psychology is the study of the behavior and mental processes. Psychology is a science that seeks to describe, predict, understand and influence maladaptive, [patterns that can hurt self and others], thoughts and behavior. There are multiple theories and approaches in Psychology, some successful for one type of disorder but not for another. Motivation, moods, memory, reactions, attitudes, perceptions, attraction, talent, what you enjoy – or despise – all of these things have their roots in your Psychology. While Psychology is in the Social Science curriculum; it is in reality a Behavioral Science that often overlaps with the Natural Sciences.

    How does this Apply to Me: Have you ever experienced a physical reaction to an emotional situation? Sweating, shaking or stomach discomfort before a big test, a game, a presentation or performance? Have you ever known someone was talking about you when you walked into a room even without anyone saying anything? Has a certain smell or song ever brought back a strong memory? Have you found yourself attracted to someone you have nothing in common with?  Have your sleep patterns changed since you reached adolescence? All of these situations have much to do with brain chemistry and illustrate the intrinsic connection between mind and body. While we cannot always control our feelings and behaviors, we can understand and manage them with awareness using psychological and neurobiological tools.

    We all learn differently, react differently and process information differently, [one reason why eye witness testimony is the least reliable type of evidence in court], however there are theories that sometimes prove that we are more predictable than we realize. Why is there evil in the world? There are Psychologists that have theories that can explain that too.

    My hope is that you will hang in there for the first several units which are designed to prepare you for an introductory college level Psychology Course, (all the while having fun doing it – that’s a promise!), and as we progress and build a strong foundation – move along to aspects of Psychology that you can use as tools to understand yourselves and others and improve and build the “Hardy Personality” that will help you in life.

    Respect & Tolerance: This course covers material that you may not have discussed in prior courses which is also why it is usually an upper classmen elective. This class is a safety net. It must remain so. You must be prepared for the maturity and tolerance that are crucial in this class, the ability to accept other points of view, “agree but disagree” politely and respect the viewpoints of others. 


  • For this class, you will need the following

    1.5" Binder

    Filler Paper 

    3x5 Index cards for Vocabulary (650 words)

    Index card holder (tupperware container would work)

    Charged iPad (Juniors)

    Class essentials (Pens/Pencils, Eraser, Paper)

    School Email