• Teresa Hylton
    ID Self-contained

    Students work on functional reading skills. Vocabulary is incorporated from community outings, safety vocabulary, employment vocabulary and buildings and logos. Students also continue to read/listen to short stories to improve comprehension skills. All reading is geared towards independent living skills.


    Students work on functional math skills. These skills include but are not limited to: reading fractions for cooking, telling time (digital and standard), recognizing numbers, adding and subtracting numbers (with and without the calculator), budgeting, money skills, and comparing prices.

    Science/Social studies

    Students work on mini units during the nine week period. These units will include general first aide care, plants, animals, government, community skills (goods/services, recognition of businesses, products associate with businesses, learning personal data), and using machines.

    Independent living Skills-

    Students are taught skills to guide them towards more independent living. The skills include cooking, taking care of personal hygiene, leisure activity skills, iniation of work skills, and asking help when necessary.
    Community Based Instruction-
    Students will participate weekly in at least one community outing where they receive on-the-job work training, in addition to using reading and math skills taught in class to complete community errands.

    Evaluation Procedure-

    Students are evaluated through observation,worksheets, oral responses and the final product on work sites.


    It is very important that your child attend school. Oftentimes, the repetitiveness of a task will help master the task. The Henry County Attendance Policy is enforced in class.
    ALL classes are graded Pass/Fail as well as reported in the IEP levels of mastery (introduced, progressing, maintaining, not progressing, not introduced)