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    2019-2020 Classroom Schedule

    Ms. R. Herring  DD/ID Class 

    7:30-8:00 Individual Remediation/Attendance / Check
    homework/Announcements/Pledge of Allegiance/Star/ Moment of Silence/
    Bengal Pledge

    8:05-8:20 Breakfast

    8:25-9:00 Circle Time (Calendar, Weather, Songs, Integrated Activities, SmartBoard

    9:00-9:10 Bathroom Break

    9:10-9:30 – Drill Work (Phonics drill, Vocabulary drill, Math (Addition, Subtraction,
    and Multiplication drill, General Content strips, and Number Drill work

    Language Art Block

    9:30-10:00- Handwriting- (Manuscript and Cursive)

    10:00-10:55- Phonics and Reading

    10:55-11:45 English/Language Arts/ Creative Writing

    11:50-12::20- Lunch

    12:20-12:30- Bathroom Break

    12:30-12:50- Recess on days when we do not have PE

    12:50-1:50: Math

    1:10-1:50- Itinerant (Library, Music/Art, PE- rotate on a daily basis)

    1:50-2:25- Science and Social Science

    *Reading/Phonics/Spelling/English/Handwriting/Creative Writing/Math/Content Area SmartBoard/Ipad lessons and activities may be utilized to teach and reinforce subject matter learned.

    2:35- Students dismissed to buses, Car riders to car loading area

    2:50 – Teacher’s Planning Time

    Students are pulled out daily for Physical, Occupational and Speech/ Language therapy.