• Let Your Get behavior Shine!

    Our Classroom Rules

    Students are expected to: 

    1. Be Respectful

         2. Be Prepared

           3. Be actively engaged

     4. Be Safe

      5.  Do your BEST!

    Our Behavior Chart:

      • Card on GREEN- Great Behavior, A Super Day!    Earn Bengal Bucks

         • Card on Orange- The student is given a “Warning” for breaking a rule.  Earn Bengal Bucks

    • Card on Yellow- The student goes to “Time Out” (To reflect on wrongdoing. The teacher will send a note to the parent describing the wrongdoing. The student has a conference with the teacher to write up a “Behavior Plan.”

    • Card on Red- The student goes to “Time Out.” The teacher will write a note to the parent describing the wrongdoing. The teacher will call the parent and speak with them about the misbehavior. Loss of privileges, Conference with teacher and principal.


    If your card is on Yellow or Red- you lose your Bengal Bucks.

     • If the misbehavior continues, a conference will be held with the student, teacher, parent, and principal. A loss of all privileges. Silent Lunch. The teacher will make a Behavior Contract with the parent and student.

    • If all else fails- Suspension (Number of days at the discretion of principal).

    Bengal Bucks and Rewards are given by the teacher daily for Good Behavior!