• Syllabus for Mrs. Ramey’s Class


    Welcome to my class, and I hope you are prepared for an enjoyable school year. As students in my class, you will be expected to behave positively and complete all work that I assign. Below is a list of rules I expect you to obey and what the penalty will be if they are not followed.

    1: Respect:

    I will not tolerate any disrespect from any person in my class or during any interaction. This includes, but is not limited to, name-calling, bullying, talking out of turn, swearing, yelling, hitting, biting, arguing, etc. The classroom or virtual meetings functions much more efficiently if everyone agrees that each person is a valuable member and has something to offer the class as a whole.

    2: Talking:

    Talking out of turn will not be accepted. When I am lecturing, talking with other students, reading, demonstrating something on an electronic device, or writing on the board, does not permit you to gab with friends. I will not tolerate you talking while others are speaking. This is plain and simple. Do not speak unless you are called on or doing group work.

    3: Attendance:

    Our attendance policy is the same as the attendance policy of Bassett High School.

     When you are absent from school, your parent/guardian should call the school to verify your absence.  All absences need to be verified before makeup work can be assigned.  You have three (3) days to verify an absence and make arrangements with your teacher to complete makeup assignments.  If you have not made arrangements within three days after returning to school from an absence, you will receive a zero on the assignments missed.  If your parent does not call the school to verify your absence, you should bring written verification to the attendance office.
                Upon your first day returning to school from an absence, you should report to the attendance office to obtain a verification slip (whether your parents called the school or you brought a signed note with you) so your teachers will know that makeup work may be assigned.
                The Henry County attendance policy states that if you obtain more than three (3) absences per grading period, you may lose credit in the class/classes where this has occurred.  At Bassett High School, we will accept all official appointments (doctor, dentist, court, etc.) as excused absences, and these cannot cause you to lose credit in your classes.  Therefore, it is imperative that you bring official documentation with you to school and submit it to the attendance office when you are absent due to an official appointment.  At the end of the semester, if you have exceeded your three-absence limit, you must have official documentation, beyond parental verification to offset all but three absences, in order to receive credit in your classes.
                If you leave school during the school day, you must sign out, with parental permission, in the attendance office, before leaving school grounds.  Remember, if you sign out early, or come to school late, any missed classes will count as absences.


    4: Makeup work/tests:

    All makeup work will be on this website under assignments. Each assignment will be under the week that you have missed. I will assign a new due date once you have asked about the makeup work. The item is due on that date and no other. I will not accept late makeup work. If you are absent the day your makeup work is due, you will be given a zero for that work. I will not accept late makeup work. Remember that makeup work is your responsibility. I will not track you down and beg you for your work. If you do it, fine; if you do not, beautiful. Tests must be made up within five days of your absence. If you miss a test on a Monday, you must take that test by Monday of the next week. If your test is not completed by then, you will receive a zero. If you are absent that following Monday, you will still receive a zero. If you do not complete your makeup work, you will not be allowed the chance for extra credit.



    5: Grades:

    Your grades will be based on your discussion boards, participation, projects, and quizzes. If you choose not to complete the workload for my class, I will fail you.

    6: Tardy policy:

    Our tardy policy is the same as the school’s policy. You get two free tardies to class. On the third tardy, you get a referral. A referral will be written for every tardy after the third one.

    7: Consequences for the above:

    If I have to call you down for any reason (the above rules and the school rules), these are the procedures that I will follow. For the first offense, I will give you a verbal warning. On the second offense, I will talk directly to you about your behavior. On the third and final offense, I will turn in a referral and call your parents. I will run on a basic “three strikes and your out” policy. Hopefully, I will not have to call home or write many referrals. However, that is up to you.




    A 94 - 100

    B 87 - 93

    C 77 - 86

    D 70 – 76

    F 69 – below

    To parents/guardians: Please feel free to email me (tramey@henry.k12.va.us) with questions or concerns at any time! If email is not an option, please call the office and leave a message. I will return your call as soon as possible.