• English Syllabus 2019-2020

    Tabitha Ramey





     According to the Henry County Program of Studies, the student will:


    “become a skilled communicator in small-group learning activities. The student will examine, analyze, and produce media messages. The student will continue the development of vocabulary, with attention to connotations, idioms, allusions, and the evolution of language. The student will read and analyze literary texts from a variety of eras and cultures. Attention will be given to the analysis of nonfiction and fiction texts. The student will critique the writing of peers and professionals, using the analysis to improve writing skills. The student will continue to build research skills by crediting sources and presenting information in a format appropriate for the content. Grammar knowledge will be expanded as the student presents, writes, and edits materials, applying the convention of language.”

    Supplies Needed:

    ·         Notebook Paper

    ·         Pens/Pencils

    ·         Subject dividers

    Grading Scale:

    Tests/Projects                           50%

    Quizzes                                             25%

    Classwork/Homework         25%




    All school policies and rules apply in our classroom in addition to the specific policies below. Make sure you are familiar with the student code of conduct.



    Daily attendance is mandatory and does affect the overall success of a student in this course. Students who miss more than two unexcused days during a six week grading period will fail the class. One appeal per semester will be allowed. Students must be present for 50% (45 minutes) of the block in order to be counted present. A student must be present the entire school day in order to attend an extracurricular activity on the same day or participate directly in that event. This includes practices, games, concerts, etc.



     *********************************PER SEMESTER*************************************

    1st tardy-Teacher Warning                                          2nd tardy-Teacher notify parents

    3rd tardy- Conference with Administration                 4th tardy- One day of ISS

    5th tardy-One day ISS                                                   6th tardy- One day OSS


    Makeup WORK

    The student is responsible for taking care of any work missed due to absences. All students with a verified absence will have three days to make up any missed work. Makeup work can be found in the folder for your class at the front of the classroom.



    Unexcused late assignments will be subject to a 5 point per day grade penalty. Band or athletic trips will not excuse a student from any required work. If a student is absent the day of a test, the student must be prepared to take the missed test the next day the class meets. Being absent before an assignment is due or before a test does not excuse the student from turning in the assignment or from taking the test on the scheduled day.



    Technological problems are not an acceptable excuse for late work. Students must plan for the worst-case scenario: save often and in more than one place (for example, on a computer and on a pen drive). Students will not be able to print assignments during class, so plan ahead and print the day before an assignment is due!



    1. Devices must be registered on the school wifi and have an official sticker.
    2. Please always keep devices on silent!
    3. Please ask before using your device, even for school-related activities.
    4. Only use devices for classroom-related activities (examples: researching, managing school agenda, completing assignments). Not Facebook, Snapchat, Kik, etc….
    5. Phones/devices should be face down on the table when not in use.
    6. We may collect all devices during a lesson.



    First offense: Verbal warning

    Second offense: I take device until the end of class

    Third offense: the device is held in office until a parent comes to pick it up.


    Students may ask to leave class during group or individual work. Please do not interrupt full-class instruction except in an emergency. Students must fill out a hall pass and get it signed by the teacher and must sign in and out on the clipboard before leaving the classroom. Students will receive 3 hall passes each grading period, and may turn in unused passes at the end for 5 points each of extra credit.



    Bottled water, soft drinks, and snacks are allowed inside the classroom. Please keep our classroom clean. If food becomes a distraction or the classroom becomes messy, I will reserve the right to revoke that privilege.



    I expect students to show respect for every individual at Bassett High School. In my class, students should respect the opinions and ideas of others and avoid behavior that makes it difficult for me to teach and for others to learn. Comments in discussion or in your writing that express an insult, prejudice, or threat against anyone are not appropriate. Everyone has a right to feel safe and welcome in class.


    Your success matters to me. Although I am here to challenge you, I am also here to offer support and guidance. However, I cannot do so if I am not aware of a problem. It is part of your job as a student to ask questions and to let me know when you need help!



    First offense: Verbal warning

    Second offense: Stay after class/ Conference with student

    Third offense: Stay after class and call home

    Fourth offense: Referral and call home


    Please complete the following and return to class by Wednesday 8/13/18:


    My signature below indicates I have read and understood this course description and have been given a copy of my own to keep.

    Student name________________________________________________

    Student signature _____________________________________________

    Date _______________________

    Parent/guardian signature ______________________ ________________

    Date _______________________

    E mail address/phone number to reach parent ____________________ ____


    To parents/guardians: Please feel free to email me (tramey@henry.k12.va.us) with questions or concerns at any time! If email is not an option, please call the office and leave a message. I will return your call as soon as possible.