• Fieldale Collinsville Middle School

    Introduction to Leadership - 6th Grade

    Leadership – 8th Grade

    Teacher: Yvonne Elgin

    Location: Room 17


    Course Description: This course equips students with individual and group leadership skills. Course content includes leadership principles, officer training, parliamentary law, public speaking, effective communication, positive public relations skills, and techniques of organizing and conducting group meetings and activities. Students are encouraged to be active members of a community or school organization.

    Course Objectives:

    1. Developing knowledge of self and others and identify ways in which his or her behaviors influence others.
    2. Examine the characteristics of leaders.
    3. Develop leadership skills and practices. Understand the roles of leaders in the family, school, community, state and nation; and in distinct groups and different world cultures.
    4. The students will practice leadership through service.
    5. Eight grade Leadership class will produce the FCMS yearbook 

    This curriculum focuses on the unique academic, personal and social needs of middle school learners, providing opportunities for them to explore career clusters while developing foundational knowledge and skills applicable to all career fields. Our goal is to include engaging opportunities for students to discover career possibilities and how these possibilities align with their personal goals and interests.