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    DUE TO COVID-19- Syllabus is modified. Material is subject to change, based on our  current situation.


    TEXT:    Glencoe Health: A Guide to Wellness Glencoe/McGraw Hill 2003 / 

                Virtual Virginia Health and PE 9 

    COURSE DESCRIPTION:  In grade nine, students complete the transition from modified versions of movement forms to more complex applications across all types of physical activities. Activities include games, sports, dances, and recreational pursuits. Students demonstrate the ability to use basic skills, strategies, and tactics as they show more specialized knowledge in identifying and applying key movement concepts and principles. Students develop and assess a personal physical activity program aimed at improving their skill performance. Students demonstrate the ability to plan and improve components of fitness to achieve and maintain a health-enhancing level of personal fitness. Health education includes information concerning alcohol and other drugs, consumer health, disease prevention and control, personal health, growth and wellness, mental health, nutrition, and family life education.




    1. Medicines and drugs
    2.  Tobacco–Chapter 24
    3. Alcohol- Chapter 25
    4. Family and Social Health
    5. Building Healthy Relationships- Chapter 11
    6. Resolving Conflict and Preventing Violence– Chapter 14

    III.                 Nutrition

    1. Nutrition and Your Health- Chapter 5
    2. Food and Your Health-Chapter 6
    3. Mental and Emotional Health
    4. Your Mental and Emotional Health-Chapter 8
    5. Managing Stress in Your Life-Chapter 9
    6. Mental & Emotional Problems-Chapter 10
    7. Injury Prevention and Safety
    8. Providing First Aid and Handling Emergencies-Chapter 35


    For the beginning of the semester, students will be asked to do workouts on their own.  Their PE days will be Tuesday’s and Thursday’s but of course can do more . Students will log their activities using various apps related to fitness. As the semester progresses, students will be asked to complete different exercises. 



    50 % of grade will be from Health work and 50% from Physical Education. 


    • Video Conferencing will be implemented into this course. The platform could vary, but please view the video below on the appropriate way to handle/act in a Zoom meeting. 
    • What to do and not do in a Zoom meeting :)