• Read 180 Syllabus
    Mrs. Sheri Harris
    Room 38
    Course Description:  READ 180 is designed to meet individual needs in reading and writing skills.  In addition, students learn a variety of strategies for both reading and learning.
    Student Expectations:  Bring all materials needed, pen or pencil and iPad. 
    Rules of the Classroom:
    1.     Be Respectable
    2.     Be Responsible
    3.     Be Productive
    Course Outline:  Units and concepts taught throughout the course:
    Reading skills and strategies
                       Finding Main ideas and details
                       Sequence of events
                       Story elements
                       Problem and Solution
                       Cause and Effect
                       Compare and Contrast
                       Making Inferences
    Writing Skills
                       Expository Paragraphs
                       Narrative Paragraphs
                       Literature Responses
                       Expository Summaries
                       Persuasive Paragraphs
                       Description Paragraphs
                       Personal Narratives
    Assessment Process/Grading
    Daily work from the READ 180 textbook
    READ 180 software- Success Zone and quizzes from the Reading Counts
    Independent reading logs
    Homework reading logs