• Algebra I

    Course Description and Syllabus
    Instructor: Mrs. Jennifer Yeaman

    Phone: (276) 629-1731

    Room 27
    Email: jyeaman@henry.k12.va.us

    Course Description
    In Algebra I, students continue the study of algebraic concepts including operations with real numbers and polynomials. They solve multi-step linear equations and inequalities, quadratic equations, and systems of equations and inequalities.  Concepts associated with functions and relations, including their graphs, are emphasized.  A study of statistics is also included in this course. Manipulatives, concrete materials, graphing calculators, computers, and other appropriate technology tools are used for solving problems and verifying solutions.  Students will engage in discussions about problems and problem-solving. Students who complete

    the course will take the Algebra I SOL Test.


    Supplies Needed for Class
    1.5 or 2-inch  3-ring binder

    Loose-leaf paper                                                                                

    Pencils (No INK!)

    Highlighter, Colored Pencils

    4 AAA batteries         


    Graphing Calculator
    Graphing calculators are a requirement for Algebra 1. Calculators can be checked out from the Media Center during the designated time for each block.  Cell phones will NOT be used as a calculator in class.



    Grades may be obtained from the following:


    Type of Assignment                                                               Value of Assignment

    • Classwork/Homework                                                           30 %               
    • Quiz (announced and unannounced)                                      30 %
    • Test                                                                                    40 %


    *EXTRA CREDIT WILL NOT BE GIVEN.  Do the regular credit and there will be no need for extra credit.*


    Grading Scale

    A = 100-90   

    B = 89-80  

    C = 79-70      

    D = 69-60

    F = 59-Below


    Make-Up Work
    Assignments missed due to absence must be made up within three (3) school days, including the day of your return to class. It will be the student’s responsibilityto locate and complete missed assignments as well as get notes from a fellow student. It is also the student’s responsibility to schedule a time before or after school to make up a quiz or test.  Class time will not be used to make up tests or other classwork. Assignments will not be accepted past the due date given and will be recorded as a “0”.


    Cell Phones/Electronic Devices

    Cell phones are to be placed in the cell phone pocket chart at the beginning of class and picked

    up as you exit.  Earbuds are NOT allowed in class.  Parent/Guardian will have to come to school

    after 3:30 to pick up any cell phone confiscated during class.


    Hall Passes

    You will be allowed SIX (6) hall passesduring each six weeks.  You are only allowed to use one hall pass per week.  Use them wisely! You must sign in/out on the clipboard when entering and/or exiting the classroom. 



    Be in your seat when the bell rings with homework out and wait for the teacher to dismiss you. The bell does not dismiss you!


    Extra help

    I will be available after school upon request from 3:35 – 4:35. Any student is welcome

    to come to get additional help.  Those students who have a D or an F are strongly encouraged to attend. 


    Contact information

    You can e-mail me at: jyeaman@henry.k12.va.us 




    • I will not give more than 12 problems
    • All problems must be attempted (100%)
    • More than one problem not attempted

              (10% -70%)

    • No problems attempted (0%)


    Quizzes (VERY OFTEN): (30 mins. Timed)

    • Quizzes resemble HW
    • If you are not cheating/copying others HW, you will not have a problem on the quiz
    • I will also answer HW questions before quiz, so make sure you ask questions




    • If you know you struggle with math, you may check with me to set you up for tutoring with another teacher.


    Videos on every lesson will be located on webpage.   *I will try to upload daily


    • Go to henry.k12.va.us
    • Select a school (Bassett High)
    • Faculty: Jennifer Yeaman (math)
    • On main webpage will be listed by Topic


    • This is a new for me so please be patient, and check often, especially if you are absent.



    If you miss more than 5 or more days UNEXCUSED per a SEMESTER you will receive a 59 F in the class.

    The syllabus is subject to change at the discretion of the teacher to accommodate

    instructional and student needs.




    Course Title:Algebra 1


    Please review this syllabus with your child and sign below. Return only this page to the teacher.

    Students will keep the syllabus in the front of their binders.


    Student:I have read this syllabus and understand all of the information contained in it. I agree to

                   abide by all of the rules and expectations listed.


    Printed Student Name____________________________________________         Block _______


    Student Signature _______________________________________________        Date__________________


    Student e-mailto use for correspondence ____________________________________________

    □ Student has computer access at home.

    □ Student has internet access at home.




    Parent/Guardian:I understand all of the information contained in this syllabus and I have reviewed it

                                   with my child. My child has agreed to abide by all of the rules and expectations listed.


    Printed Parent/Guardian Name___________________________________________________________


    Parent/Guardian Signature_______________________________________________ Date ___________


    Parent/Guardian email address: ______________________________________________________


    When is the best time to contact you if necessary? __________________________________________


    Please list any phone numbers of how to get in touch with you. 


    #1 ___________________________________________


    #2 ___________________________________________


    #3 ___________________________________________


    *iPads must be charged and in class each day even though we may not use them every day