Course Syllabus and Classroom Procedures
    Fieldale- Collinsville Middle School

    Sixth Grade Mathematics

    Mr. Hunt




    Course Description:

    This course is intended to teach students the math concepts set forth by Virginia Department of Education Standards in 6th grade Math. Our instruction will be focused on developing an understanding of completing an understanding of fraction and decimal operations, as well as extending students’ understanding of the number system. We will also be focusing on using concepts of ratio and rate to solve problems, writing, interpreting, and using expressions and equations.


    General Rules: Be on time, be prepared, be respectful, and be responsible.


    Preparation for Class: Students need a pencil, paper, completed homework (issued Monday and due on Friday), and iPads charged daily to a minimum of 80%.


    Expectations for class:          Everyone has the right to, and should expect to, learn.

                                                           Each individual is worthy of respect.

                                            Classroom orderliness is necessary for an effective classroom.

                                                          Hard work is necessary for learning.

                                         Thinking critically and asking questions creates problem solvers!


    Earned consequences: Adhere to the “Swords of Success” in the student handbook/agenda.


    Late Work:


    1. Work turned in late and not associated with an absence will not earn full credit. Depending on the magnitude of the work being turned in late, and the degree of lateness, the teacher may reduce a letter grade per day after the deadline. All homework will be issued on Monday and due on Friday. Students will have until the following week, on Wednesday, to receive any credit.


    Missed Work:

    1. It is the student’s responsibility to obtain the homework assignments, notes & any other pertinent information that is missed during an absence.
    2. Missed work due to an absence: Additional time (up to five school days) and full credit will be allowed for each day of a verifiable and excused absence. After five school days, credit will be reduced one letter grade for each additional day. Exceptions will be made in unique, deserving situations as determined by the teacher and/or administrator.


    Report Cards:

    Students will receive four report cards during the year. Progress reports will be given out between each report card. Academic grades will be assigned based on weighted percentages.


     Grading Scale:

    The district grading scale is based on a ten point system and is as follows:

    A = 90-100%

    B = 80-89%

    C = 70 – 79%

    D = 60 – 69%

    F = Below 60%


    Weighted Grades:


    Homework – 10%

    Participation – 10%

    Classwork – 20%

    Test – 35%

    Quizzes – 25%


    Contact Information:

    Please feel free to contact me at any time. You may reach me by calling the school office, or by emailing me. My email address is:




    Also I will use a communcation app called Remind 101 to update weekly about upcoming assignments, topics, quizzes, tests and homework. To use this app you will need to do the following with your cellphone: 

    Remind 101



     Classroom and Homework Help:


     - Click the link below to add my YouTube channel. As the year starts and goes along, I will add videos to help you with your classwork and homework.


     My YouTube Channel