Mrs. Angela Lackey

    Biology I

    Bassett High School



    Course Description

    This course is designed to provide students with a detailed understanding of living systems.  Emphasis is placed on the skills necessary to examine alternative scientific explanation, actively conduct controlled experiments, analyze and communicate information, and acquire and use scientific literature.  The history of biological thought and the evidence that supports it are explored and provide the foundation for investigating life processes, cellular organization, mechanisms of inheritance, relationships among organisms, and changes in organisms over time.


    The course is based in the Virginia Standards of Learning for Biology.



    Course Objectives

     Students will:

    ·        Research the history and development of biological concepts

    ·        Acquire knowledge about inheritance of traits, cell structure and functions, life functions, the natural world, and relationships of living things and their environment

    ·        Learn to manipulate scientific equipment, collect and analyze data, read charts and graphs, and carry out laboratory activities using the scientific method

    ·        Develop an appreciation for new research and advances in Biology




    Miller & Levine Biology

    Pearson Education Inc.  2013


    Online Website:  Biology.com



    Course Outline

    1st 6 wks:         Introduction to Biology  (Chapter 1) – 1 week

      Biochemistry (Chapter 6) - 3-4 days

                  Cell Parts & Functions (Ch. 7  & Microscope) - 2 weeks

      Cell Processes (Ch. 8 & 9) - 3-4 days 
                  The Human Body (Ch. 34-39) - 3-4 days

    2nd 6 wks:      Classification (Ch. 17) - 3 days 

                             Kingdoms & Dissections (Ch. 18-33) - 4 weeks
                             Genetics (Ch. 10-13) - 3 weeks


    3rd 6 wks:       Genetics cont...
                            Evolution (Chapters 14-15) – 2 weeks
                            Ecology (Ch. 2-5) - 2 weeks 
                            SOL Test Review & Test





    The following methods of evaluation will be used to determine your grade each six weeks:

    v     Quizzes and Tests

    v     Classwork/Homework grades

    v     Labs

    v     Projects

    v     Extra Credit Opportunities



         Tests & Projects - 40%

         Quizzes & Labs - 35%

         Classwork/Homework - 25%



    A progress report will be issued every three weeks.  The student’s parent/guardian is asked to sign the report and send it back to the teacher.  I can also be reached at school (629-1731) during my third block planning: 11:35-1:20.  My webpage is also available on Bassett High School’s webpage.  Please visit my site for a copy of the syllabus, assignments, and email.  If there are any questions, comments, or concerns about your child’s progress, etc. please feel free to contact me at alackey@henry.k12.va.us



    Supply List

    3 ring binder (1.5”) 
    Dividers for binder
    Notebook Paper


    Blue or black ink for writing

    Colored Pencils (optional)


    Hand wipes, soap, or sanitizer




    Syllabus Statement

    This syllabus is subject to change at any time upon the discretion of the teacher.  Students will be fully informed and aware of any changes, and the appropriate adjustments will be made to my webpage.  alackey@henrycounty.k12.va.us