• Agenda for 9/16 - 9/20/2019

    Posted by Max Hall on 9/16/2019

    Students and Parents,


    We are officially in the second half of the first nine weeks! This week, we are finishing our work on the Metric System. There will be a QUIZ on Thursday, 9/19 on the Metric System. Study all classroom notes. The week's agenda is below.


    -Mr. Hall


    Monday, 9/16

    • Converting Metric Units worksheet
    • Flocabulary video / fill-in-the-blank activity

    Tuesday, 9/17:

    • Metric System foldable (we did not have time to complete this last week)

    Wednesday, 9/18: Early Release Day - Students Leave at 12:15

    • Metric System "Scoot" Activity

    Thursday, 9/19: QUIZ: The Metric System

    • Finish Scoot Activity
    • Review time
    • QUIZ - The Metric System

    Friday, 9/20:

    • Correct / Go Over Quiz
    • Begin next topic
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  • Agenda for 9/9 - 9/13

    Posted by Max Hall on 9/9/2019

    Students and Parents,


    Quick note: the quiz originally scheduled for last Wednesday, 9/4, was postponed to Thursday, 9/5 in order to give more time for students to review. However, the 6th Grade printer has been out of commission for nearly a week and I was unable to print the quiz last Thursday. I finally was able to print the quiz with the assistance of staff in the guidance office, but we had to postpone it again to last Friday, 9/6. Not everyone finished the quiz on Friday, so we will complete it in class this Monday, 9/9.

    We will begin learning about the Metric System this week! We will complete several activities to learn that topic, and I anticipate giving a quiz next Tuesday.

    UPDATE, Tues, 9/10: The quiz on The Metric System will be next Wednesday, 9/18.

    Monday, 9/9

    • Finish Independent & Dependent Variables quiz
    • Watch Metric System video
    • Begin Metric System notes

    Tuesday, 9/10:

    • Finish Notes
    • BrainPop - Measuring Matter
    • Metric System foldable

    Wednesday, 9/11:

    • Finish foldable if necessary
    • BrainPop - Metric v. Customary

    Thursday, 9/12:

    • 6th Grade Science Pre-Assessment

    Friday, 9/13:

    • Review week's material
    • Possible Kahoot review
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  • Agenda for 9/2 - 9/6/2019

    Posted by Max Hall on 9/3/2019

    Monday, 9/2

    • Labor Day - No School!

    Tuesday, 9/3:

    • Finish Spongebob Activity
    • Review Independent/Dependent Variable

    Wednesday, 9/4:

    • Quantitative/Qualitative & Observation/Inferences Worksheets (moved from last week; didn't have time)
    • Review Independent & Dependent Variables
    • Prepare for tomorrow's quiz

    Thursday, 9/5: QUIZ

    • Study Time
    • Quiz on Independent & Dependent Variables
    • Begin Metric System Notes (if time allows)

    Friday, 9/6:

    • Quiz corrections
    • Go over quiz
    • Metric System Notes
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  • Agenda for 8/26-8/30/2019

    Posted by Max Hall on 8/30/2019

    Monday, 8/26

    • Review Scientific Method and complete a foldable
    • Prepare for Scientific Method Quiz

    Tuesday, 8/27:

    • Finish foldable if necessary
    • Study Time
    • Scientific Method Quiz
    • Begin Independent/Dependent Variables notes

    Wednesday, 8/28:

    • Correct Scientific Method Quiz
    • Go over corrected Scientific Method Quiz

    Thursday, 8/29:

    • Independent/Dependent Variables Video
    • Begin Independent/Dependent Variables Notes

    Friday, 8/30:

    • Finish Independent/Dependent Variables Notes
    • Spongebob Scientific Method Activity
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  • Agenda for 8/19 - 8/23/2019

    Posted by Max Hall on 8/19/2019

    Welcome back to our second week of school! As a reminder, we will continue reviewing FCMS procedures and policies this week to help reinforce our culture and expectations. Mr. Hall was absent on Friday, so we will begin the week by finishing work begun with the substitute, and we will end the week by beginning Unit 1 - The Scientific Method.

    -Mr. Hall

    Monday, 8/19

    • Sustained Silent Reading (Core 1)
    • Review FCMS Swords to Success
    • Finish last Friday's work
    • Community-building activity
    • Design notebook cover page

    Tuesday, 8/20:

    • Finish notebook cover page
    • Complete "A Great Classmate" Activity
    • Set up notebooks
    • Begin first set of notes

    Wednesday, 8/21:

    • Reading activity
    • Continue notes
    • BrainPop - Scientific Method
    • Scientific Method activity

    Thursday, 8/22:

    • Reading activity
    • Continue Notes
    • BrainPop - The Metric System
    • Metric System Activity

    Friday, 8/23:

    • Vocabulary review
    • Go over week's content
    • Possible group-based activity
    • Prepare for next week
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  • Agenda for 8/12 - 8/16/2019: First Week of School!

    Posted by Max Hall on 8/11/2019

    Parents, Guardians, & Students,


    Welcome to 6th Grade! Below you will see the agenda for the first week of school. Mr. Woods has asked us to review classroom expectations & FCMS rules thoroughly for the first two weeks of school, so we will spend about 15 minutes per day reviewing, reinforcing, & practicing school & classroom procedures.

    I believe strongly in establishing a classroom culture early on, so much of what we will do for the first week of school will be centered around creating a safe, fun, inquisitive, and relaxed learning environment. We will also set up our science notebooks and prepare for the year.


    Please note: Paper copies of the syllabus will be handed out on Monday, 8/12. I will give 5 points of credit to every student who returns a signed copy of the syllabus. There is no penalty for not returning it, but it will help to have an easy A to start off the school year!


    I will post on this page once per week announcing the upcoming week's activities. Thanks for reading and let me know if you have questions!

    -Mr. Hall

    Monday, 8/12

    • Welcome
    • Review FCMS policies & daily schedule
    • Go over syllabus & classroom procedures
    • Get-to-know-you activities

    Tuesday, 8/13:

    • 15-minute procedure/rules review
    • Return signed syllabus
    • Get-to-know-you activities
    • Student groups will help establish classroom rules

    Wednesday, 8/14:

    • 15-minute procedure/rules review
    • Continue fun team-building activities
    • Set up science notebooks

    Thursday, 8/15:

    • 15-minute procedure/rules review
    • Continue fun team-building activities
    • Distribute science textbooks
    • Begin science content

    Friday, 8/16:

    • 15-minute procedure/rules review
    • Weekly review & wrap-up
    • Continue science content
    • Prepare for next week
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