Places to find information:

    Here's a document that can be helpful for viewing LOTS of information to get you started with SOL Review!


    WHII SOL Pass Information - This is a different formatted version of the Curriculum Framework information. It has all the SOL facts on it. Use this to find out what the SOL folks say about a topic. It does have SOL numbers on it, so it's very easy to find what you are looking for!

    WHII Terms to Know with Definitions - This is a chart with vocabulary words and definitions. Use this if you are struggling with some of the terms we use in class to describe what people did or what occurred during a time period.

    SOL Review Information Packet - This is a paragraph format narrative that describes the information to you, and helps provide context to what you are looking for. Use this if you are trying to find out a lot of information about something. It doesn't have SOL numbers on it, but you can use (command + f) to search the document for the name or word you are looking for.


    Places to practice what you've learned:

    World History II SOL Review Quizizz:

    Use these Quizizz codes to practice some multiple choice questions. Check back often for more options. If you get to one that is expired, let me know!


    World Religions - 227043

    WHII People - 390114

    Random #1 - 693235

    Random #2 - 508993