2019-20 Syllabus

  • Advanced Band Syllabus

    Fall 2019 Magna Vista High School

    Course Information:

    Instructor: Mr. Kevin D. Lewis Phone: 276-956-3147 Email: klewis@henry.k12.va.us.  Website: Magna Vista HS (search for Kevin Lewis under faculty)

    Time: Third Block - 11:45-1:50 Lunch - Wind students eat 1st Lunch, typically. Percussion students eat 2nd Lunch, typically

    Tardy: You are tardy if you are not ready for downbeat at 1:48 or 12:23

    Out of Class Log: Must be filled out before leaving the room after class has started.

    Required Performances: November 11- Veteran’s Day Concert, December 17-Holiday Band Concert

    Course Description:

    Goal: To prepare students for performances through intense study of fundamentals and band literature. To inspire students to love music. For students to learn how to play a band instrument.

    Materials: Instrument (Personal or School Owned)

    Instrument supplies (Reeds, valve oil, cleaning supplies, sticks, mallets, mouthpieces, ligatures) Folders and Binders (Not to leave the Band Room) Pencil or pen and a notebook or binder.

    Using School Owned Instruments:

    Students may need to use school owned instruments. Each student that uses a school owned instrument must complete and return the School Instrument Use Form. Students will be held accountable for damage that occurs to their instruments.

    Grading: In accordance with Henry County Schools regulations, each student will receive a grade of A, B, C, D, or F. The grade will be assessed from the following:

    Playing Tests 20%. Participation/Daily Grade 25% , Written Assignments/Tests 15% . Performances 40%

    Grading Scale

    90-100 A

    80-89 B

    70-79 C

    60-69 D

    0-59 F

    Playing Tests: Can be given at any time on any material.

    Written Assignments: MRDs (Miracle Rhythm Drills) will be graded. These will sometimes require labeling and other times require writing with musical notation.


    Band Booster Info:  www.warriorband.org


    Required. Concert Dress is either all black or black and white formal wear. Attendance is required at performances in order to pass this class. An absence from a performance must be accompanied by a doctor’s note or a court note. (same as school day attendance policy)


    Daily participation will be assessed. Things that could negatively effect your participation grade: Playing and talking out of turn, not playing when you should be, not trying your best, having food, drink or gum.

    Chair placements will be assigned based on playing test grades. Parts will be assigned by Mr. Loman. Chairs will influence part assignments, but will not be the only factor.

    Band Room Rules:

    Make great music.  Have fun by focusing on making music.

    Do not hinder others from making great music.

    Try as hard as you can and encourage others to do the same.

    Respect your classmates and Band Room.

    No food or gum or drink other than water.

    Failure to follow these rules will result in student conferences, referrals, parent contact, parent conferences, administrative intervention, or removal from the class in the future.

    Other Dates:  Dates in BOLD are required, those in Italics are suggested, other dates are for marching band and are optional events for those only enrolled in the class.


    Home Games

    September 13  Fleming

    September 20 Franklin County

    September 27 Martinsville

    October 18  Patrick County (Homecoming)

    October 25 Halifax

    November 8. Bassett (AWAY)



    September 27 Patrick County

    October 5 Southeast Guilford

    October 19 Bassett

    October 26 NW Guilford


    November 11 Veterans Day Concert 7pm

    November 23 Martinsville Christmas Parade

    December 7  All District Band Auditions @ Franklin County

    December 7. Ridgeway Christmas parade

    December 17 Holiday Band Concert 7pm



    January 24-25. All Area Band. (Martinsville)

    Jan 31-Feb 1. All District Band (Christiansburg)

    February 22 All VA auditions at JMU

    February 27  Pre-Assessment Concert @ Magna Vista

    March 5 or 6 Concert Assessment

    April 17-18. Possible Spring Trip

    May 12 Spring Band Concert

    May 22 Graduation Band



    Band Camp 2020 is scheduled for July 27-31




    Signature Page

    I __________________ have read and understand the syllabus. I understand that if I want to

         (Student Name) 

    receive a passing grade in this course, I will need to be attentive and respectful during class so

    I can perform well and attend all of the required Performances. I understand that missing a Performance could result in my failing this course. I have read and understand the Band Room Rules and understand how I am expected to behave. I understand the consequences that will happen if I fail to respect the Band Room Rules.

    If you need help with anything, or have any questions, please contact me -




    Please provide the best parent contact method:


    Phone Number:___________________

    Contact Names and Relationship:

    Contact #1:_____________________ ___________________

    Contact #2:_____________________ ___________________

    _______________________________ Student Signature

    _______________________________ Parent Signature

    _______________________________ Date

    Please return to Mr. Lewis by Monday, August 19 for a grade.