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~Writers Read and Readers Write~

Students will continue to develop writing, grammar, reading and vocabulary skills through the study of the various genres of literature (fiction, non-fiction, poetry, drama).   Students will be required to write and conference on a regular basis participating in the Writer’s Workshop format, thus increasing their knowledge and understanding of the Process of Writing.  Students will also be required to read independently, as well as a whole group, and respond to the readings through reflective writing & conferencing, and other forms of assessment.



  • Writing…  Writer’s Workshop and Gr. 8 Writing SOL Preparation
  • Reading… Individual “Book of Choice” & Class Texts and Gr. 8 Reading SOL Preparation
  • Participation… meaningful engagement in your writing & reading
  • Organization… provided in-class Writer’s Notebook & Folder
  • Reflection… purposeful personal academic understanding


Class Expectations:

All students are expected to make good choices & be a learner… ROAR!  


  • Be polite, thoughtful, kind, & respect the people & environment of Rm. 14 while in class and online!


  • Be willing & prepared to own your words, actions & education!  Use your time wisely!


  • Be ready to work for yourself and with others to do your best with a positive & productive attitude… EVERYDAY!


  • Be HERE!  Be in class on time with appropriate materials & supplies, such as A Charged iPad & A Good Book, demonstrating responsible behaviors!


*NOTE:  Students are expected to adhere to the HCPS & FCMS discipline policies

Cell Phones are NOT permitted in class.


Class Goal:

Through the study of Gr. 8 Language Arts (or the ARTs of Language), my goal for you is to become a more critical, connected reader, a confident, effective writer, a better listener, a clear communicator, an organized responsible student (ie… taking appropriate care of your assigned iPad & being prepared with required materials), and a productive member of the class.  I am looking forward to working with you this year as you develop these skills by BEING RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR LEARNING… acting like a Writer and a Reader!


Individual Goal:

In spotlighting the FCMS Literacy Focus , Gr. 8 Language Arts Writer’s Workshop and Gr. 8 Writing SOL Preparation, you will become a better writer as you pay more attention to both the basics and creative side to the Writing Process.  My goal for you is to provide a comfortable environment to express yourself while guiding you through the writing process.


 Important Dates:   The Grade 8 Writing SOL Test-- March 2022

                               Grade 8 Reading SOL Test-- May 2022


 Grading Categories:

  • Major Assessments (Tests, Projects, Final Writing Pieces, etc.) Count twice
  • Minor Assessments (Quizzes, Mini-Projects, etc.) Count once
  • Participation (Class/Group Work, etc.) Count once
  • Practice (Warm-Ups, Homework, Journaling, Comprehension Monitoring/Conferencing, etc.) Count once


 Required Materials: 

       * Section in your binder for ELA material

       * Loose leaf paper to use when turning in material (Do not yank this out of your composition books)

       * IPAD charged daily

       * Pencil 

       * Materials will be supplied throughout the year as needed.

Textbook: Online text 

                 Canvas:  use your email address and lunch number to sign in.  (Will be updated daily)