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English 7 Classroom Contract/Syllabus

  • English 7 Classroom Contract/Syllabus

    Instructor: Mrs. Adrienne Anthony-Hiatt                                  Room: 39                 Email Address:

    Supplies Needed:

    Pens/Pencils, Highlighters, 3 Ring Binder, Index Cards, Loose Leaf Paper, and 5 Dividers

    Course Description:

    It is the intent of this class to provide a solid foundation in reading and writing skills. Furthermore, it is the goal of this class to instill an appreciation for the various genres of literature.

    Grading Philosophy:

    Grades are weighted in this class. Quizzes/Tests will equate to 50%, Writing Assignments and Classwork will each count for 25%.

    Lancer Code (Disciplinary Procedures):The Laurel Park Middle School culture is based on collaboration between the teachers, staff, administration, students, and the school community. We strive to create a safe learning environment that is conducive to student learning along with creating positive relationships between staff and students. The Lancer Code, which is based on reinforcing positive student behaviors and correcting inappropriate student behaviors, is the primary tool to accomplish our goal.

    Students who violate the Lancer Code will first be issued a verbal warning by their teacher all other incidents will follow the following procedure and the issue of a ticket.

    1st Ticket: Parent/Guardian will be contacted by the teacher/student to review the Lancer Code offense. Student will write a Lancer Statement.

    2nd Ticket: Silent lunch 2 days and an automatic loss of small reward. Student will write a Lancer Statement.

    3rd Ticket: Silent lunch 3 days, 1 Day of ISS during Exploratory, and an automatic loss of Big Reward. A behavior action plan meeting will occur.

    4th Ticket: Silent lunch 1 week, meeting with Administration for additional discipline, ISS one or two days, and a possible meeting with parent/guardian and administration to review behavior action plan.

    5th Ticket: Silent lunch 2 weeks, meeting with Administration for additional discipline, and a meeting with parent/guardian to review behavior action plan, if deemed necessary.

    *Big Rewards occur at the end of each nine-week period. Students begin with a “clean” record at the beginning of each new nine-week period.*

    By signing this contract you agree to abide by the rules and guidelines in this classroom at all times. Included, but not limited to, those written and all guidelines stated in the Laurel Park and Henry County Handbook as well as stated in the Lancer Code.

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