• 8th Grade Physical Science: Course Syllabus

    Jody Reece


    Fieldale-Collinsville Middle School

    2019-2020 School Year


    8th Grade Physical Science introduces physics and chemistry concepts that will prepare students for high school science classes. There will be an SOL test at the end of the semester covering material from 6th, 7th, and 8th grades. The Virginia Standards of Learning covered in the class will follow the schedule below:


    1st 9 Weeks

    2nd 9 Weeks

    3rd 9 Weeks

    4th 9 Weeks

    PS.1: Scientific Investigation & Measurement


    PS.10 a,b,d: Force & Motion


    PS.10 c,d: Work & Simple Machines

    PS.6: Energy


    PS.7: Heat/Thermal Energy


    PS.11: Electricity & Magnetism


    PS.8: Sound Waves


    PS.9: Light Waves

    PS.2: Matter


    PS.3: Atomic Structure


    PS.4: Periodic Table


    PS.5: Changes in Matter

    6th Grade Review


    7th Grade Review


    8th Grade Review


    SOL Test


    In addition to review during the last quarter of the semester, we will continuously review 6th and 7th grade material throughout the course.


    Supplies Needed:

    Students will complete an interactive notebook and a review notebook. Tests and SOL review will be based on the contents of these notebooks.

    • 1 3-subject spiral notebook, college ruled
    • Pencils or pens
    • At least 2 different-colored highlighters, preferably blue and yellow
    • Glue sticks
    • Clorox wipes and Tissues **Appreciated**


    Grading Scale: Students will be graded on tests, projects(individual and group), quizzes, classwork, homework, interactive notebook, and classroom participation.   Unit tests will count twice.


    Homework: Students are expected to complete the practice or project assigned, any unfinished class work, and to study for tests/quizzes. Assignments will be given orally and in writing in the class. Assignments should be written daily in the school agenda. Points will be deducted for late work.


    Late Policy: Each day an assignment is turned in late, your grade will be dropped by 10 points. No late assignments will be accepted after 5 days.


    Absences: If you are absent, it is YOUR responsibility to make up any missed work.


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