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    6th grade art Syllabus

    Welcome, in this nine weeks course you will be creating projects based on the elements of art. The main focus of this course is to develop your artistic skills and understanding of art, while having fun creating different types of art projects.


    Areas of Focus:

    • Elements of Art and Principles of Design
    • Basic Drawing Techniques
    • Composition – Placement of objects on a plane to create a well-rounded drawing.
    • Lines- The illusions and aesthetics they can create
    • Value-How to create the illusion that a two dimensional (flat) drawing can appear three-dimensional.
    • Color - Color theory, Color schemes, Color choice and mood/feeling
    • Shapes- Organic and geometric shapes.

    Materials Needed:

    • A pencil.
    • A spiral bond sketchbook or notebook (5x11)
    • Colored pencils
    • Glue stick
    • Your creative thinking skills.

    Class Assignments:

    • Assignments and projects will be graded based on a point system assignments will be worth 100 points and projects will be worth 200 points. (It is very difficult for someone to earn a 200 on a project as all art can be improved.)
    • All late work will be marked down, 5 points everyday, if the student has not turned in their work within a week then the assignment will be marked as missing and given a score of 0
    • Students who are absent are responsible for making up any missing work.


    Student expectations in the art room:

    A-Always Listen R- Raise your hand T- Treat other kindly I- Inside voices S- Safety first T-Try my best

    All school rules still apply to the art room refer to the Swords for Success for consequences


    Evaluation and Participation:

    All project requirement sheets and evaluation rubrics will be handed out prior to any work being done on the project.


    Students will have the opportunity to earn 5 daily participation points. These points are earned if students are:

    • Prepared for class
    • Actively engaged in the art making process
    • Participating in class
    • Making productive use of class work time

    About Ms. Dunn

    Ms. Dunn grew up in Louisa County, VA and received her Bachelor’s in Fine Arts and her Masters in Teaching from Christopher Newport University (CNU). Her favorite medium of art is photography.